Am 11.08.2018 um 17:27 schrieb Emmanuel Bourg:
> My next target will be Gradle 4.x because it's blocking OpenJFX 11 and
> other packages which have been fixed upstream to work with Java 9+ but
> require a more recent version of Gradle. We have to adapt
> gradle-debian-helper to work with the new version. I plan to do that in
> September.

OpenJFX 11 is one of the most important packaging tasks for me at the
moment, because without it all packaging work for PDFsam, Mediathekview
and Netbeans come to naught. Kai-Chung has packaged Gradle 4.4 in
experimental. Can't we just use that and move on and package OpenJFX 11?
This is the package I would volunteer to work on.

>> Maybe we should
>> evaluate on a case-by-case basis what upstream projects intend to do
>> before we start packaging removed functionality in separate packages. If
>> it is not clear yet we can still use OpenJDK 8 for building the package.
>> We just have to make sure it works with OpenJDK 11 at runtime.
> Let's review what is left fixing after the switch to OpenJDK 11. I still
> hope we'll be able to avoid including OpenJDK 8 in Buster.
>> We shouldn't put ourselves under pressure when even upstream projects
>> have not decided yet how they want to support OpenJDK 11.
> I agree, but sometimes the decision will never be made, because the
> project is no longer or barely maintained. And we can't keep OpenJDK 8
> forever either. We are between the hammer and the anvil :(

It would be awesome if everything worked with OpenJDK 11 but I fear that
won't be possible in time. At the moment we are at the forefront and
many, many projects simply are not ready yet or hesitate because Java 8
is still supported (e.g. Netbeans). We don't have to keep it forever but
we can keep OpenJDK 8 without security support for Buster and retire it
next year when more projects hopefully will have embraced OpenJDK 11.

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