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> That is a very good idea. I also think that it makes sense to decouple
> the Servlet API from src:tomcat{7,8,9}
> +1
> +1

Thank you for the feedback!

> As long as we don't have to change reverse-dependencies and everything
> is just a drop-in, I think it's good.

Yes that's the plan, i.e. the standalone libservlet3.1-java will depend
on the JSP/EL/WebSocket packages so we don't have to change the reverse
dependencies. But libservlet4.0-java won't depend on them anymore.

> I can start packaging
> libservlet4.0-java (I would name source and binary package the same). Is
> it this one?
> https://github.com/javaee/servlet-spec/releases/tag/4.0.1

Yes that's this one, thank you for jumping in but I've already prepared
the package. No package needs the Servlet API 4.0 yet, even Spring
Framework which is rather cutting edge still uses the version 3.1 in its
latest releases. So there is no hurry to upload it.

As for the source package name I'm not decided yet. Either keep the
historical libservletX-java scheme which was already used for the
versions 2.2 and 2.4, or use servlet-api-X which is more in line with
the recent Java EE packages uploaded (jaxb-api, cdi-api, jaxws-api,
jaxrs-api, etc).

Alternatively, we may even try to go with a versionless name
(servlet-api), and spin-off a versionned packages only if required due
to substantial incompatibilities introduced in the new releases.

For example, src:servlet-api would build libservlet-api-java/4.0-1, if
the Servlet API 4.1 is source compatible with the version 4.0, we just
upgrade the package. If later the version 4.2 breaks too many things we
create a package with the version 4.1 and we keep upgrading the
versionless package.

(Just some thoughts for discussion, I have no preference)

Emmanuel Bourg

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