Hi Emmanuel,

> with the tomcat8 package. In the latest update of tomcat8 (8.5.32-2)
> I've added a systemd service file, and with tomcat9 I've tried
> leveraging more systemd features. The current work in progress is

as long as it will still work under sysvinit, fine.

> * The system user running Tomcat is now fixed and no longer
>   configurable. I did this for several reasons:


> * The debconf integration has been removed. With the user/group

Very good.

>   dialog. Moreover it's affected by a debconf bug that has bitten
>   many of us (see #658554).

This will likely also fix #814446 by simply not writing
to the configuration file any more.

> * The catalina.out log file is no more. It duplicates the content


This is *extremely* not good, because having one reliable name
for the latest log without having to fudge around with calls to
date(1) was *the* selling factor for easy integration of Tomcat
on Debian with shell scripts, as opposed by Tomcat on CentOS,
for example.

I *urge* you to take this back.

>   version 5.5, and with the systemd integration the latest logs are
>   available in /var/log/syslog

These are user logs, they do not belong into syslog. The
separate catalina.out file was the correct way to do this,
consider e.g. the various Apache logs.

>   and through 'journalctl -t tomcat9' anyway.

Not with sysvinit… (and having an init system-specific
way to access logs is not going to fly well, independent
on what init system it is).

> * The logs are now rotated directly by Tomcat instead of a cron job.
>   The cron job is still used to compress the logs though.

Will this fix the problem with log files that haven’t been
written to for an entire day?

> * The sysv init script has been removed and the service is now
>   exclusively started with systemd. systemd brings so many

Objection! Strong objection!

I *will* file an RC bug if it won’t work without systemd!

> * Tomcat is now automatically restarted if the JVM crashes
>   (another systemd feature).

Double objection: this existed pre-systemd, for those who
wanted it, but it is not desirable in many cases.

Please make this optional even for systemd users, so an
admin who wants this can enable it, but do not default to
it and especially do not force it on admins.

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