On Wednesday, September 14, 2016 2:42:01 PM MDT phil-deb1.mer...@laposte.net 
> Hello,
> On my computer my system is Debian Sid AMD64 up to date,
> suddenly the activity cpu increase until reach the maximum
> 100 %, the top command indicates the culprit " plasmashell "
> if we kill it and restart plasmashell the activity of cpu becames
> normal 5%.
> The problem is new, at the very beginning of kde 5 it existed
> but since it had disappeared.
> Met you the same problem?
> Philippe Merlin
Yeah, I continually have to restart plamsa to stop it from lagging out X. 
Often it seems like an animated task/notification tray item will trigger the 

Thomas Fjellstrom

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