Thanks for the advice. I also have my font DPI currently set to 144. If I
set just font DPI without scaling turned on, windows and tool bar icons
don't look right.

On 21 September 2016 at 00:38, Thom Castermans <>

> Some time ago I got a laptop with a 4k display. I am not using that one
> with
> external monitors, but I still may be able to help a bit. With earlier
> versions
> of Plasma, scaling was pretty much not working. I was looking at tiny text
> all
> the time.
> This changed at some point - I think when Plasma 5.6 rolled around, but
> not
> exactly sure. Anyway, what I did was switching my scaling (System Settings
> >
> Display and Monitor > Display Configuration > Scale Display) back to 1, so
> not
> scaling up. On the other hand I set my font DPI (System Settings > Font >
> Fonts
> > Force fonts DPI) to 96 (after ticking the box of course). Since that
> version
> of Plasma, all interfaces appear to scale nicely in response to this.
> Firefox
> and Chrome apparently respect that setting too (although I may have played
> around a bit with settings there, cannot remember).
> Hopefully, the fonts DPI works across displays, given that Plasma knows
> the DPI
> of the monitor...?
> Thom
> 2016-09-21 1:42 GMT+02:00 Rubin Abdi <>:
>> I recently switched to an X1 Carbon 4th gen with the nicer HIDPI display.
>> Sadly the rest of the desktop displays I plug into are still the old
>> density. I noticed recently in 5.7.4 that most Qt based applications will
>> do some notion of font DPI re-rendering when a window moves from one
>> display to another, which is a step in the right direction though I wish
>> there were some more exposed settings to specify which scaling factors for
>> each monitor independently.
>> Konsole has sadly stopped displaying the bitmap font Terminus properly on
>> the HIDPI display (the letters look squished and the kerning is horrible),
>> however when it pops onto my desktop display it looks fine. Using any other
>> normal truetype or openfont causes 1px wide horizontal and vertical lines
>> to get cut through the window displaying whatever is under it whenever
>> there's a bunch of text that scrolls by or if I highlight text.
>> Chrome (Chromium) thankfully respects my KDE global scale factor of 1.5,
>> however it absolutely doesn't care about this new behavior of rescaling
>> when the window moves between one display to another. It's been driving me
>> mad to the point where I'm now saving up for a new 4k monitor just so I
>> don't have to deal with this issue anymore.
>> Anyone have some good tricks dealing with these issues?
>> --
>> Rubin


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