When running kmail  5.2.3
        KDE Frameworks 5.26.0
        Qt 5.6.1 (built against 5.6.1)
        The xcb windowing system
I frequently have empty dialog boxes.  For instance just now I was going to 
use the PIM Setting Exporter, its main window came up ok, but the 'Backup -- 
PIM Setting Exporter dialog came up empty - the dialog window contains what 
ever was showing behind it when it opened.  When I try to close it I get a 
'Warning -- Window Manager' dialog with the same empty/background issue.

Sometimes - very rarely - it will work for a day or two.

Since I have not found any traffic about this issue I have to suppose it is a 
setting I have done wrong, but what?  So, what I want to know is what I can do 
to trouble shoot this?  Where should I look for error messages that might give 
me a hint?

Best Regards, Allen

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