Lisandro Damián Nicanor Pérez Meyer - 11.04.18, 13:55:
> Maxy uploaded a patched version today. Dak is still with issues, so it
> might take a while to get it.

Its available already. atop works again also with TERM=xterm-256color. I 
will keep TERM=konsole-256color anyway.

It reduced size of tabs, nice :).

Thanks to Maxy.

Plasma/Qt in Debian Sid is really nice at the moment. Thanks to everyone 
involved, Pino for kmymoney and a lot of application packages as well as 
calligra and krita, Lisandro and others involved for Qt, Maxy for 
frameworks and plasma packages, Scarlett for taking care of updating 
some packages to KF5 based upstream versions and all the others involved 
with uploading and preparing packages and testing stuff. It may very 
well be that I omitted someone. If so… its by accident, not by 

Upstream is doing fine work, Debian Qt/KDE team members are doing fine 
work… thinks look good for the next Debian release so far.


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