Xavier Brochard wrote:

> Le jeudi 12 avril 2018, 09:33:43 CEST Martin Steigerwald a écrit :
>> Hello.
>> With KDEPIM prior 17.12 I always had a pane that shows the message
>> structure where I could select which part of the message to view in the
>> message content display area. So with messages that are both available
>> as text and HTML I could select which one to view.
>> This is gone since KDEPIM 17.12 and I found no way to enable it again. I
>> remember there was an option but I digged through all menus and
>> configuration options three times without finding it.
>> Any idea?
> The option is in the "display" or "show" menu (third menu). I don't know
> the exact name, but in french it is "affichage"

Thanks Xavier, but I have the same problem as Martin, but I can't find the 
option you suggested. The third menu here is "View" but I can't see any item 
that relates to "affichage" which is presumably "Display" in english.

kdepim Version: 4:17.12.3+5.101


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