Le jeudi 12 avril 2018, 12:34:23 CEST Diederik de Haas a écrit :
> From "Qt 5.10.1 transition just started" thread:
> > > I just upgraded too and rebooted. Most things seem to work, but trying
> > > to
> > > change a (mail) folder in KMail now doesn't do anything like it's not
> > > registering the click on a folder at all. The 'Jump to Folder' (shortcut
> > > 'J') does work and allowed me to see the message from this ML.
> > 
> > Turns out to be a false alarm.
> > I quit KMail (Kontact really) and started it up again and then I saw 4
> > columns instead of just 1 I was used to and only saw when I had the above
> > described issue. Widening that pane so all columns were visible made me
> > able to click it. And later on after hiding the extra columns, things were
> > back to what I was used to and working 
> Maybe it was there yesterday too, but I just noticed a horizontal scroll bar
> while there is no need for that. Looking more closely I see that there is
> another column, next to the Name column, which does not have a header and
> the area is completely empty. It doesn't look like there is a way to remove
> it, like I could with the Unread/Total/Size columns. Trying to manuallly
> resize the Name column doesn't work as it looks like it detects its the
> only column and so resizes itself back to the old state.
> As usual, a picture is worth a 1000 words. See attachment.

Try to reduce the size of the "Name" header. See screenshots 1 and 2

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