Hi John,

On Fri, Apr 13, 2018 at 02:16:36PM -0700, John Culleton wrote:
>    I can get an overnight version of the latest version of Scribus if I have
>    a Ubuntu partition. But I hate Ubuntu. Also I want to help modify the
>    program.
>    So I am wondering if anyone on this list has compiled Scribus from source
>    using this or any other Debian version?If so what do I need to add to
>    debian-kde in general to compile apps on debian-kde?
>    I'm a Slackware guy since the 1990's
>    All replies appreciated.

Are you looking for scribus-1.5.x?

If you're running sid/unstable you should be able to install that
package as-is.  If you're running stable (stretch right now) you can
try backporting the package.  To do this you'd need to install various
development packages, or build the package in a clean chroot using one
of pbuilder/cowbuilder, sbuild, etc.  Please note that official
backports must come from testing (buster right now), so afaict your
hypothetical scribus-ng would not be a candidate until after
scribus-ng is some day uploaded to unstable and after it migrates to

As a Slackware guy I'm guessing you prefer to install all development
packages and headers to your main system?  To use dpkg's dependency
resolution to do this for you:

dget URL_of_source_package
cd source_package
apt-get build-dep ./


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