On Mon, 2017-07-31 at 18:10 +0200, Robert Schlabbach wrote:
> Ok, I figured it out. I noticed that the 4.11 kernel has a more
> "generous" memory layout than the 4.9 one:
> kernel 4.9:
> [    0.000000] Memory: 504492K/524288K available (3777K kernel code, 371K 
> rwdata, 1128K rodata, 296K init, 247K bss, 19796K reserved, 0K cma-reserved, 
> 0K highmem)
> kernel 4.11:
> [    0.000000] Memory: 502648K/524288K available (4096K kernel code, 398K 
> rwdata, 1132K rodata, 1024K init, 248K bss, 21640K reserved, 0K cma-reserved, 
> 0K highmem)
> So I suspected that the 4.11 kernel might be overwriting/corrupting
> the initrd.img provided in memory before it gets to unpack it, and
> changed the memory location from 0xa00000 to 0xc00000:
> Voila! It's finally booting!
> So, was the 4.11 kernel compiled/linked with a wrong alignment
> padding setting? Or should the bootloader environment be changed to
> permanently use the higher address for passing initrd.img to the
> kernel?

Should this be assigned to flash-kernel?


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