Hi Ben,

On Mon, Sep 25, 2017 at 04:14:43PM +0200, Harald Geyer wrote:
> Ben Hutchings writes:
> > Control: reassign -1 src:linux tag -1 moreinfo
> > This driver appears to depend on Device Tree properties, but none of the
> > DTBs we build set those properties. It's not clear to me how it would be
> > usable.

The situation is quite similar to #858975 where I asked for enabling
CONFIG_W1_MASTER_GPIO. In both cases, a device tree needs to supply the

> That's a fair point. The user will need to either add a node to the DTB on
> his system or have the bootloader apply a device tree fragment on top of
> the DTB installed by debian, which would work well with automatic updates
> of the kernel. (Or load a device tree fragment from userspace once
> debian supports dynamic DT.)

I am actually using such a system and my present method is to update
Debian's device tree after installing kernels. It's not pretty, but good
enough for me.

> Since updating the DTB is a lot easier then compiling the module for
> every update of the debian linux package (and security updates usually
> don't change the DTB anyway), I still feel providing the module would
> be useful.

I fully agree here and second the request for CONFIG_DHT11. Enabling
this driver is another piece to shrinking the gap with Raspbian and
making Debian a viable alternative on these devices.

If you disagree here, you should revert #858975 for consistency's sake.


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