Hi Chuck,

On 17.05.2018 16:15, Chuck Lever wrote:

> Just a shot in the dark: Wondering if v3.16 needs
> commit ea96d1ecbe4fcb1df487d99309d3157b4ff5fc02
> Author:     Anna Schumaker <anna.schuma...@netapp.com>
> AuthorDate: Fri Apr 3 14:35:59 2015 -0400
> Commit:     Trond Myklebust <trond.mykleb...@primarydata.com>
> CommitDate: Thu Apr 23 14:43:54 2015 -0400
>     nfs: Fetch MOUNTED_ON_FILEID when updating an inode

Gosh, it seems you're right!
When I take that patch and apply it, the referrals are being followed again!

Thanks for your idea!
Now how do we make sure it gets applied soonish?


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