* Ben Hutchings <b...@decadent.org.uk>:
> On Fri, 2020-05-29 at 18:02 +0200, Helge Deller wrote:
> [...]
> > How can I flag the "linux-image-parisc" meta-package to become a successor 
> > of the
> > "linux-image-parisc-smp" meta-package (e.g. Provides: 
> > linux-image-parisc-smp)?
> > How can this be realized in the debian kernel sources?
> We have to re-add the old meta-packages as transitional packages.  They
> should go in a new control template.

I looked at this commit:
commit 37f6d08a862e63263bafa057803ea2e2082c7778
Author: Bastian Blank <wa...@debian.org>
Date:   Tue Jun 20 13:08:39 2006 +0000
    * debian/bin/gencontrol.py: Remove meta packages.
    * debian/templates/control.extra.in: Remove transition packages.

Based on that I added two entries.
It seems to work. Do I miss something, or any other suggestions?

diff --git a/debian/templates/control.extra.in 
index 6c2fde90d619..2413ec0ec4ce 100644
--- a/debian/templates/control.extra.in
+++ b/debian/templates/control.extra.in
@@ -24,3 +24,21 @@ Multi-Arch: foreign
 Description: Compiler for Linux on x86 (meta-package)
  This package depends on GCC of the appropriate version and architecture
  for Linux on amd64, i386 and x32.
+Package: linux-image-parisc64-smp
+X-Version-Overwrite-Epoch: 1
+Architecture: hppa
+Section: base
+Priority: extra
+Depends: linux-image-parisc64
+Description: Linux kernel for 64-bit parisc64 SMP machines - transition package
+ This package is for transition only.
+Package: linux-image-parisc-smp
+X-Version-Overwrite-Epoch: 1
+Architecture: hppa
+Section: base
+Priority: extra
+Depends: linux-image-parisc
+Description: Linux kernel for 32-bit parisc SMP machines - transition package
+ This package is for transition only.

> We would need to set a deadline by which people need to upgrade, after
> which the transitional packages would be dropped.  (For release
> architectures, this would be the next stable release.)

Even if hppa isn't a release architecture I think it's OK to
have the same requirements and time frames.


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