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On Tue, Jul 19, 2022 at 05:50:13AM +0200, Lukasz K. wrote:
> Package: linux-image-5.10.0-16-arm64
> Severity: critical
> Justification: breaks the whole system
> X-Debbugs-Cc:
> Dear Maintainer,
> After upgrading kernel from linux-image-5.10.0-14-arm64 to
> linux-image-5.10.0-16-arm64 my system became unbootable due to F2FS
> sanity_check_inode errors.
> Going back to previous kernel fixed the issue.
> This does not appear to be limited only to Debian, as could be seen in this
> thread:
> Error messages are (aside from different device) the same as in the linked
> thread above:
> [   10.395372] F2FS-fs (mmcblk0p2): sanity_check_inode: inode (ino=85f5, 
> mode=33188) should not have inline_data, run fsck to fix
> [...]
> I am using F2FS for my root partition with zstd compression enabled.
> Partition was created with:
> mkfs.f2fs -f -O 
> extra_attr,inode_checksum,sb_checksum,compression,quota,encrypt DEVICE
> And is mounted with:
> flush_merge,data_flush,compress_algorithm=zstd
> Compression was explicitly enabled for entire root partition during 
> installation
> with:
> mount -t f2fs -o flush_merge,data_flush,compress_algorithm=zstd DEVICE /target
> chattr -R -V +c /target
> Linked thread also mentions that this was fixed upstream.

The referenced commit seems to have actually landed in 5.10.127
upstream. So this probably needs more investigation. Can you for your
device test upstrema kernels and test if 5.10.136 upstream fixes the
issue? Can you bisect the breaking commit upstream between the two
versions working in Debian and breaking?


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