On Tuesday, 16 August 2022 17:54:30 CEST Roman Kalugin wrote:
> I wanted to ask you to add support for the "nvidia-wmi-ec-backlight.ko"
> module to the kernel.
> It's not in "5.18.0-4-amd64" and I can't find it in 5.19 version.

seems to be the patch/thread where that is discussed. I didn't read it in 
full, but it very much seems that at least a v3 of that patch set is coming 
and that's likely why you couldn't find it in 5.18/5.19 (or 6.0).

My quick scan didn't reveal any new Kconfig entries being added, but only 
dependencies of existing items were changed. So it could be that nothing needs 
to be (manually) changed in the Debian kernel for it to become available 
*once* it has been merged into the upstream kernel.

Best thing to do is watch for newer version(s) of that patch serie and when 
that gets merged in the upstream kernel. If it then turns out that a new 
Kconfig entry is added and needed, then file a (wishlist) bug against the 
kernel requesting that specific item to be enabled.


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