Control: reassign -1 linux
Control: affects -1 liburing debci


It seems like there was a regression with the latest stable update
that affects the autopkgtest for liburing. Reassigning.

On Mon, 2022-07-18 at 21:07:28 +0200, Paul Gevers wrote:
> Source: liburing
> Version: 2.1-2
> Severity: important
> X-Debbugs-Cc:

> Some days ago (approximately 7) the autopkgtest of liburing started to
> behave badly on the Debian and Ubuntu infrastructure. It's not totally
> clear to me what happens, but I have lxc containers left behind after
> the test that I can't clean up.
> A similar thing seems to happen on the Ubuntu side because they have
> blocked the test from running recently and I'll do the same on our
> side.
> Because your package didn't change in that time, I suspect one of your
> dependencies caused liburing to behave differently. It would be great
> if we figured out what that is.


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