I would like to upload linux version 5.19.6-1 to unstable.

An ABI bump is included. It is a new upstream version and furthermore
we rotate certs to use the "Debian Secure Boot Signer 2022 - linux"
certificate (Cf. #1018752).

Apart the new upstream imports the additional pending changes are:

   * d/tests/kbuild: Fix default-flavour lookup for arches with no featuresets
   * d/tests/kbuild: Make flavour lookup verbose
   * d/lib/python/debian_linux, d/templates: Use variable for binary package
   * lintian: Update overrides in linux-image-*-dbg for lintian 2.115
   * d/{signing_templates/,}rules.real: Run dh_lintian for all packages
   * [hppa,mips,mipsel,powerpc] lintian: Override error for 64-bit kernels
   * [mips64el,mipsel,ppc64el] lintian: Override error for unstripped vmlinux
   * [arm64] lintian: Override errors for vdso32.so in linux-image-*-dbg
   * android: Remove CONFIG_ANDROID:
     - Drop "wireguard: Clear keys after suspend despite CONFIG_ANDROID=y"
     - pm/sleep: Add PM_USERSPACE_AUTOSLEEP Kconfig
     - remove CONFIG_ANDROID
     - Enable/disable ANDROID_BINDER_IPC to match previous configuration
   * [x86] drivers/hwmon: Enable SENSORS_ASUS_WMI and SENSORS_ASUS_EC as
   * [x86] drivers/platform/x86: Enable NVIDIA_WMI_EC_BACKLIGHT as module
     (Closes: #1017972)
   * [arm64] drivers/spi: Enable SPI_GPIO and SPI_SUN6I as modules
     (Closes: #1016807)
   * [arm64] drivers/gpu/drm/rockchip: Explicitly enable ROCKCHIP_VOP
   * [hppa] Drop CONFIG_PATA_LEGACY for hppa architecture
   * [rt] Refresh "rcutorture: Also force sched priority to timersd on boosting
   * Drop setting of CRYPTO_BLAKE2S
     crypto: blake2s shash module was removed upstream.
   * [arm] arch/arm/crypto: Enable CRYPTO_BLAKE2S_ARM
   * certs: Rotate to use the "Debian Secure Boot Signer 2022 - linux"
     certificate (Closes: #1018752)
   * Set ABI to 1


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