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Format: 1.8
Date: Sat, 21 Jan 2023 15:35:48 +0100
Source: linux-signed-arm64
Architecture: source
Version: 5.10.162+1
Distribution: bullseye-security
Urgency: high
Maintainer: Debian Kernel Team <>
Changed-By: Salvatore Bonaccorso <>
 linux-signed-arm64 (5.10.162+1) bullseye-security; urgency=high
   * Sign kernel from linux 5.10.162-1
   * New upstream stable update:
     - [armhf] dts: rockchip: fix node name for hym8563 rtc
     - [armhf] dts: rockchip: fix ir-receiver node names
     - [arm64] dts: rockchip: fix ir-receiver node names
     - [armel,armhf] 9266/1: mm: fix no-MMU ZERO_PAGE() implementation
     - 9p/fd: Use P9_HDRSZ for header size
     - ALSA: seq: Fix function prototype mismatch in snd_seq_expand_var_event
     - btrfs: send: avoid unaligned encoded writes when attempting to clone 
     - ASoC: soc-pcm: Add NULL check in BE reparenting
     - [armhf] regulator: twl6030: fix get status of twl6032 regulators
     - fbcon: Use kzalloc() in fbcon_prepare_logo()
     - [arm64,armhf] usb: dwc3: gadget: Disable GUSB2PHYCFG.SUSPHY for End
     - 9p/xen: check logical size for buffer size
     - net: usb: qmi_wwan: add u-blox 0x1342 composition
     - mm/khugepaged: take the right locks for page table retraction
     - mm/khugepaged: fix GUP-fast interaction by sending IPI
     - mm/khugepaged: invoke MMU notifiers in shmem/file collapse paths
     - rtc: mc146818: Prevent reading garbage
     - rtc: mc146818: Detect and handle broken RTCs
     - rtc: mc146818: Dont test for bit 0-5 in Register D
     - rtc: cmos: remove stale REVISIT comments
     - rtc: mc146818-lib: change return values of mc146818_get_time()
     - rtc: Check return value from mc146818_get_time()
     - rtc: mc146818-lib: fix RTC presence check
     - rtc: mc146818-lib: extract mc146818_avoid_UIP
     - rtc: cmos: avoid UIP when writing alarm time
     - rtc: cmos: avoid UIP when reading alarm time
     - rtc: cmos: Replace spin_lock_irqsave with spin_lock in hard IRQ
     - rtc: mc146818: Reduce spinlock section in mc146818_set_time()
     - media: videobuf2-core: take mmap_lock in vb2_get_unmapped_area()
     - media: v4l2-dv-timings.c: fix too strict blanking sanity checks
     - memcg: fix possible use-after-free in memcg_write_event_control()
     - mm/gup: fix gup_pud_range() for dax
     - Bluetooth: btusb: Add debug message for CSR controllers
     - Bluetooth: Fix crash when replugging CSR fake controllers
     - [s390x] KVM: s390: vsie: Fix the initialization of the epoch extension
       (epdx) field
     - [x86] drm/vmwgfx: Don't use screen objects when SEV is active
     - drm/shmem-helper: Remove errant put in error path
     - drm/shmem-helper: Avoid vm_open error paths
     - HID: usbhid: Add ALWAYS_POLL quirk for some mice
     - HID: hid-lg4ff: Add check for empty lbuf
     - HID: core: fix shift-out-of-bounds in hid_report_raw_event
     - can: af_can: fix NULL pointer dereference in can_rcv_filter
     - mm/hugetlb: fix races when looking up a CONT-PTE/PMD size hugetlb page
     - rtc: cmos: Disable irq around direct invocation of cmos_interrupt()
     - rtc: mc146818-lib: fix locking in mc146818_set_time
     - rtc: mc146818-lib: fix signedness bug in mc146818_get_time()
     - netfilter: nft_set_pipapo: Actually validate intervals in fields after 
       first one
     - ieee802154: cc2520: Fix error return code in cc2520_hw_init()
     - netfilter: ctnetlink: fix compilation warning after data race fixes in ct
     - e1000e: Fix TX dispatch condition
     - igb: Allocate MSI-X vector when testing
     - [arm64,armhf] drm: bridge: dw_hdmi: fix preference of RGB modes over
     - af_unix: Get user_ns from in_skb in unix_diag_get_exact().
     - [x86] vmxnet3: correctly report encapsulated LRO packet
     - Bluetooth: 6LoWPAN: add missing hci_dev_put() in get_l2cap_conn()
     - Bluetooth: Fix not cleanup led when bt_init fails
     - mac802154: fix missing INIT_LIST_HEAD in ieee802154_if_add()
     - xen-netfront: Fix NULL sring after live migration
     - [arm64,armhf] net: mvneta: Prevent out of bounds read in
     - i40e: Fix not setting default xps_cpus after reset
     - i40e: Fix for VF MAC address 0
     - i40e: Disallow ip4 and ip6 l4_4_bytes
     - nvme initialize core quirks before calling nvme_init_subsystem
     - net: stmmac: fix "snps,axi-config" node property parsing
     - ip_gre: do not report erspan version on GRE interface
     - [arm64] net: thunderx: Fix missing destroy_workqueue of nicvf_rx_mode_wq
     - [arm64] net: hisilicon: Fix potential use-after-free in hisi_femac_rx()
     - [arm64] net: hisilicon: Fix potential use-after-free in hix5hd2_rx()
     - tipc: Fix potential OOB in tipc_link_proto_rcv()
     - ipv4: Fix incorrect route flushing when source address is deleted
     - ipv4: Fix incorrect route flushing when table ID 0 is used
     - tipc: call tipc_lxc_xmit without holding node_read_lock
     - [x86] net: plip: don't call kfree_skb/dev_kfree_skb() under
     - ipv6: avoid use-after-free in ip6_fragment()
     - [arm64,armhf] net: mvneta: Fix an out of bounds check
     - macsec: add missing attribute validation for offload
     - can: esd_usb: Allow REC and TEC to return to zero
     - [x86] smpboot: Move rcu_cpu_starting() earlier
     - vfs: fix copy_file_range() regression in cross-fs copies
     - vfs: fix copy_file_range() averts filesystem freeze protection
     - nfp: fix use-after-free in area_cache_get() (CVE-2022-3545)
     - fuse: always revalidate if exclusive create
     - io_uring: add missing item types for splice request (CVE-2022-4696)
     - ASoC: ops: Check bounds for second channel in snd_soc_put_volsw_sx()
     - can: mcba_usb: Fix termination command argument
     - [armel,armhf] ASoC: cs42l51: Correct PGA Volume minimum value
     - nvme-pci: clear the prp2 field when not used
     - ASoC: ops: Correct bounds check for second channel on SX controls
     - udf: Discard preallocation before extending file with a hole
     - udf: Fix preallocation discarding at indirect extent boundary
     - udf: Do not bother looking for prealloc extents if i_lenExtents matches
     - udf: Fix extending file within last block
     - usb: gadget: uvc: Prevent buffer overflow in setup handler
     - USB: serial: option: add Quectel EM05-G modem
     - USB: serial: cp210x: add Kamstrup RF sniffer PIDs
     - USB: serial: f81232: fix division by zero on line-speed change
     - USB: serial: f81534: fix division by zero on line-speed change
     - xhci: Apply XHCI_RESET_TO_DEFAULT quirk to ADL-N
     - igb: Initialize mailbox message for VF reset
     - HID: ite: Add support for Acer S1002 keyboard-dock
     - HID: ite: Enable QUIRK_TOUCHPAD_ON_OFF_REPORT on Acer Aspire Switch 10E
     - HID: ite: Enable QUIRK_TOUCHPAD_ON_OFF_REPORT on Acer Aspire Switch V 10
     - HID: uclogic: Add HID_QUIRK_HIDINPUT_FORCE quirk
     - Bluetooth: L2CAP: Fix u8 overflow (CVE-2022-45934)
     - net: loopback: use NET_NAME_PREDICTABLE for name_assign_type
     - kernel: provide create_io_thread() helper
     - iov_iter: add helper to save iov_iter state
     - saner calling conventions for unlazy_child()
     - fs: add support for LOOKUP_CACHED
     - fix handling of nd->depth on LOOKUP_CACHED failures in try_to_unlazy*
     - Make sure nd->path.mnt and nd->path.dentry are always valid pointers
     - fs: expose LOOKUP_CACHED through openat2() RESOLVE_CACHED
     - tools headers UAPI: Sync openat2.h with the kernel sources
     - net: provide __sys_shutdown_sock() that takes a socket
     - net: add accept helper not installing fd
     - signal: Add task_sigpending() helper
     - fs: make do_renameat2() take struct filename
     - file: Rename __close_fd_get_file close_fd_get_file
     - fs: provide locked helper variant of close_fd_get_file()
     - entry: Add support for TIF_NOTIFY_SIGNAL
     - task_work: Use TIF_NOTIFY_SIGNAL if available
     - [x86] Wire up TIF_NOTIFY_SIGNAL
     - [arm64] add support for TIF_NOTIFY_SIGNAL
     - [powerpc*] add support for TIF_NOTIFY_SIGNAL
     - [mips*] add support for TIF_NOTIFY_SIGNAL
     - [s390x] add support for TIF_NOTIFY_SIGNAL
     - [armel,armhf] add support for TIF_NOTIFY_SIGNAL
     - task_work: remove legacy TWA_SIGNAL path
     - kernel: remove checking for TIF_NOTIFY_SIGNAL
     - coredump: Limit what can interrupt coredumps
     - kernel: allow fork with TIF_NOTIFY_SIGNAL pending
     - entry/kvm: Exit to user mode when TIF_NOTIFY_SIGNAL is set
     - arch: setup PF_IO_WORKER threads like PF_KTHREAD
     - arch: ensure parisc/powerpc handle PF_IO_WORKER in copy_thread()
     - [x86] process: setup io_threads more like normal user space threads
     - kernel: stop masking signals in create_io_thread()
     - kernel: don't call do_exit() for PF_IO_WORKER threads
     - task_work: add helper for more targeted task_work canceling
     - io_uring: import 5.15-stable io_uring
     - signal: kill JOBCTL_TASK_WORK
     - task_work: unconditionally run task_work from get_signal()
     - net: remove cmsg restriction from io_uring based send/recvmsg calls
     - Revert "proc: don't allow async path resolution of /proc/thread-self
     - Revert "proc: don't allow async path resolution of /proc/self components"
     - eventpoll: add EPOLL_URING_WAKE poll wakeup flag
     - eventfd: provide a eventfd_signal_mask() helper
     - io_uring: pass in EPOLL_URING_WAKE for eventfd signaling and wakeups
   [ Salvatore Bonaccorso ]
   * linux-kbuild: Include scripts/ (Closes: #1008501)
   * Bump ABI to 21
   * Refresh "Export symbols needed by Android drivers"
   * ASoC: Intel/SOF: use set_stream() instead of set_tdm_slots() for HDAudio
     (Closes: #1027430, #1027483)
   * ASoC/SoundWire: dai: expand 'stream' concept beyond SoundWire
     (Closes: #1027430, #1027483)
   * [rt] Update to 5.10.162-rt78
   * i2c: ismt: Fix an out-of-bounds bug in ismt_access() (CVE-2022-2873)
   * [x86] drm/vmwgfx: Validate the box size for the snooped cursor
   * media: dvb-core: Fix UAF due to refcount races at releasing 
   * net: sched: disallow noqueue for qdisc classes (CVE-2022-47929)
   * ALSA: pcm: Move rwsem lock inside snd_ctl_elem_read to prevent UAF
   * net: sched: cbq: dont intepret cls results when asked to drop
   * net: sched: atm: dont intepret cls results when asked to drop
   * netfilter: nft_payload: incorrect arithmetics when fetching VLAN header 
   * ipv6: raw: Deduct extension header length in rawv6_push_pending_frames
   * [rt] arm64: make _TIF_WORK_MASK bits contiguous
   [ Ben Hutchings ]
   * Disable SECURITY_LOCKDOWN_LSM and MODULE_SIG where we don't sign code
     (Closes: #825141)
 e1b0adc0d7b7749c91832d2a0f4fb3929768822a 7340 linux-signed-arm64_5.10.162+1.dsc
 0ffe350abb91f04a603ddca81620b4652a28a9a2 2562996 
 5229748c693cd5b5650c1bd3079a9c4899e412b2221e81e786a6e3e0462ea8b8 7340 
 a3c204a48243ee382aed9e9e4aa0151c5de5ab20d731eb166754921cddcec684 2562996 
 f2db0402f946d2371f078a1a5cbdba90 7340 kernel optional 
 b24f5eb5eaa4282a30efb3c9cdb93b11 2562996 kernel optional 



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