On Mon, 1 Nov 2021 15:13:50 +0100 Paride Legovini <par...@debian.org> wrote:
Control: reassign -1 wireless-regdb

Thanks for this detailed and informative bug report. I think the udev
rule belongs to wireless-regdb, as the rule isn't really useful without
the regulatory db, and I don't think we want to make iw Recommend
wireless-regdb. If wireless-regdb adopts the rule then it should at
least Recommend iw, which I think makes sense.

I'm reassigning this bug to wireless-regdb, but I'm open for further



Is there any progress on this? Now that debian begins stabilizing bookworm
release, there is no setregdomain mechanism included.

Fedora has a nice udev script which - if no country is set explicitly - sets
the regulatory domain from the configured time zone:


If there should not be a hard dependency on iw, this might need a separate check
or a warning...

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