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Package: Linux Kernel
Version: 5.10.19

After the new security patch to upgrade kernel to 5.10.19 we noticed that our external NetApp disk bay drives did not show up in our servers. Further investigation pinpointed this to the mpt3sas driver.

Here is dmesg output.

mpt3sas_cm0: failure at 

The server is an Dell PowerEdge 420 that uses Dell 12Gbps SAS HBA card with 
firmware (LSI/SAS3008)

Similar thing happened to another supermicro server, but we reverted that to an 
older kernel - 5.10.18

Output from supermicro server (with working older kernel)

mpt3sas_cm0: LSISAS3008: FWVersion(, ChipRevision(0x02), 

Below is the uname -a output

Linux REDACTED 5.10.0-19-amd64 #1 SMP Debian 5.10.149-2 (2022-10-21) x86\_64 

Taavi Ansper
+372 5905 2861

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Source: linux
Source-Version: 6.1.20-1
Done: Salvatore Bonaccorso <>

We believe that the bug you reported is fixed in the latest version of
linux, which is due to be installed in the Debian FTP archive.

A summary of the changes between this version and the previous one is

Thank you for reporting the bug, which will now be closed.  If you
have further comments please address them to,
and the maintainer will reopen the bug report if appropriate.

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Salvatore Bonaccorso <> (supplier of updated linux package)

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Format: 1.8
Date: Sun, 19 Mar 2023 15:46:34 +0100
Source: linux
Architecture: source
Version: 6.1.20-1
Distribution: unstable
Urgency: medium
Maintainer: Debian Kernel Team <>
Changed-By: Salvatore Bonaccorso <>
Closes: 990016 1022126 1023958 1029116 1032362 1032399 1032467 1032582
 linux (6.1.20-1) unstable; urgency=medium
   * New upstream stable update:
     - HID: asus: use spinlock to protect concurrent accesses
     - HID: asus: use spinlock to safely schedule workers (CVE-2023-1079)
     - [powerpc*] mm: Rearrange if-else block to avoid clang warning
     - ata: ahci: Revert "ata: ahci: Add Tiger Lake UP{3,4} AHCI controller"
     - [armhf] OMAP2+: Fix memory leak in realtime_counter_init()
     - [arm64] dts: qcom: sm6125-seine: Clean up gpio-keys (volume down)
     - [arm64] dts: qcom: sdm845-db845c: fix audio codec interrupt pin name
     - [x86] acpi/boot: Do not register processors that cannot be onlined for
     - [arm64] dts: meson-gxl: jethub-j80: Fix WiFi MAC address node
     - [arm64] dts: meson-gxl: jethub-j80: Fix Bluetooth MAC node name
     - cpuidle, intel_idle: Fix CPUIDLE_FLAG_IRQ_ENABLE *again*
     - [armhf] imx: Call ida_simple_remove() for ida_simple_get
     - locking/rwsem: Disable preemption in all down_read*() and up_read() code
     - [arm64] dts: meson: radxa-zero: allow usb otg mode
     - [arm64] dts: meson: bananapi-m5: switch VDDIO_C pin to OPEN_DRAIN
     - [armhf] dts: sun8i: nanopi-duo2: Fix regulator GPIO reference
     - sbitmap: remove redundant check in __sbitmap_queue_get_batch
     - sbitmap: Use single per-bitmap counting to wake up queued tags
     - sbitmap: correct wake_batch recalculation to avoid potential IO hung
     - blk-mq: avoid sleep in blk_mq_alloc_request_hctx
     - blk-mq: remove stale comment for blk_mq_sched_mark_restart_hctx
     - blk-mq: wait on correct sbitmap_queue in blk_mq_mark_tag_wait
     - blk-mq: Fix potential io hung for shared sbitmap per tagset
     - blk-mq: correct stale comment of .get_budget
     - [s390x] dasd: Fix potential memleak in dasd_eckd_init()
     - sched/rt: pick_next_rt_entity(): check list_entry (CVE-2023-1077)
     - [x86] perf/x86/intel/ds: Fix the conversion from TSC to perf time
     - [x86] perf/zhaoxin: Add stepping check for ZXC
     - KEYS: asymmetric: Fix ECDSA use via keyctl uapi
     - erofs: relinquish volume with mutex held
     - block: sync mixed merged request's failfast with 1st bio's
     - block: Fix io statistics for cgroup in throttle path
     - block: bio-integrity: Copy flags when bio_integrity_payload is cloned
     - block: use proper return value from bio_failfast()
     - wifi: mt76: mt7915: check return value before accessing free_block_num
     - wifi: mt76: mt7915: drop always true condition of __mt7915_reg_addr()
     - wifi: mt76: mt7915: fix unintended sign extension of
     - wifi: mt76: fix coverity uninit_use_in_call in
     - wifi: rsi: Fix memory leak in rsi_coex_attach()
     - wifi: rtlwifi: rtl8821ae: don't call kfree_skb() under 
     - wifi: rtlwifi: rtl8188ee: don't call kfree_skb() under 
     - wifi: rtlwifi: rtl8723be: don't call kfree_skb() under 
     - wifi: iwlegacy: common: don't call dev_kfree_skb() under
     - wifi: libertas: fix memory leak in lbs_init_adapter()
     - wifi: rtl8xxxu: don't call dev_kfree_skb() under spin_lock_irqsave()
     - wifi: rtw89: 8852c: rfk: correct DACK setting
     - wifi: rtw89: 8852c: rfk: correct DPK settings
     - wifi: rtlwifi: Fix global-out-of-bounds bug in
     - wifi: ipw2x00: don't call dev_kfree_skb() under spin_lock_irqsave()
     - wifi: ipw2200: fix memory leak in ipw_wdev_init()
     - wifi: wilc1000: fix potential memory leak in wilc_mac_xmit()
     - wifi: wilc1000: add missing unregister_netdev() in wilc_netdev_ifc_init()
     - wifi: brcmfmac: fix potential memory leak in brcmf_netdev_start_xmit()
     - wifi: brcmfmac: unmap dma buffer in brcmf_msgbuf_alloc_pktid()
     - wifi: libertas_tf: don't call kfree_skb() under spin_lock_irqsave()
     - wifi: libertas: if_usb: don't call kfree_skb() under spin_lock_irqsave()
     - wifi: libertas: main: don't call kfree_skb() under spin_lock_irqsave()
     - wifi: libertas: cmdresp: don't call kfree_skb() under spin_lock_irqsave()
     - [x86] wifi: wl3501_cs: don't call kfree_skb() under spin_lock_irqsave()
     - [amd64] crypto: x86/ghash - fix unaligned access in ghash_setkey()
     - ACPICA: Drop port I/O validation for some regions
     - genirq: Fix the return type of kstat_cpu_irqs_sum()
     - rcu-tasks: Improve comments explaining tasks_rcu_exit_srcu purpose
     - rcu-tasks: Remove preemption disablement around srcu_read_[un]lock() 
     - rcu-tasks: Fix synchronize_rcu_tasks() VS zap_pid_ns_processes()
     - lib/mpi: Fix buffer overrun when SG is too long
     - [amd64] crypto: ccp - Avoid page allocation failure warning for
     - platform/chrome: cros_ec_typec: Update port DP VDO
     - ACPICA: nsrepair: handle cases without a return value correctly
     - [arm64] cpufeature: Fix field sign for DIT hwcap detection
     - workqueue: Protects wq_unbound_cpumask with wq_pool_attach_mutex
     - [s390x] early: fix sclp_early_sccb variable lifetime
     - [s390x] vfio-ap: fix an error handling path in vfio_ap_mdev_probe_queue()
     - [x86] signal: Fix the value returned by strict_sas_size()
     - [arm64] thermal/drivers/tsens: Drop msm8976-specific defines
     - [arm64] thermal/drivers/tsens: Sort out msm8976 vs msm8956 data
     - [arm64] thermal/drivers/tsens: fix slope values for msm8939
     - [arm64] thermal/drivers/tsens: limit num_sensors to 9 for msm8939
     - wifi: rtw89: fix potential leak in rtw89_append_probe_req_ie()
     - wifi: rtw89: Add missing check for alloc_workqueue
     - wifi: rtl8xxxu: Fix memory leaks with RTL8723BU, RTL8192EU
     - wifi: orinoco: check return value of hermes_write_wordrec()
     - wifi: ath9k: htc_hst: free skb in ath9k_htc_rx_msg() if there is no
       callback function
     - wifi: ath9k: hif_usb: clean up skbs if ath9k_hif_usb_rx_stream() fails
     - wifi: ath9k: Fix potential stack-out-of-bounds write in
     - wifi: ath11k: Fix memory leak in ath11k_peer_rx_frag_setup
     - wifi: cfg80211: Fix extended KCK key length check in
     - ACPI: battery: Fix missing NUL-termination with large strings
     - [x86] crypto: ccp - Failure on re-initialization due to duplicate sysfs
     - crypto: essiv - Handle EBUSY correctly
     - crypto: seqiv - Handle EBUSY correctly
     - [x86] powercap: fix possible name leak in powercap_register_zone()
     - [x86] microcode: Add a parameter to microcode_check() to store CPU
     - [x86] microcode: Check CPU capabilities after late microcode update
     - [x86] microcode: Adjust late loading result reporting message
     - crypto: xts - Handle EBUSY correctly
     - leds: led-class: Add missing put_device() to led_put()
     - wifi: iwlwifi: mei: fix compilation errors in rfkill()
     - [amd64]  crypto: ccp - Flush the SEV-ES TMR memory before giving it to
     - wifi: mt76: mt7915: call mt7915_mcu_set_thermal_throttling() only after
     - wifi: mt76: mt7915: fix memory leak in mt7915_mcu_exit
     - wifi: mt76: mt7915: fix WED TxS reporting
     - wifi: mt76: add memory barrier to SDIO queue kick
     - wifi: mt76: mt7921: fix error code of return in mt7921_acpi_read
     - net/mlx5: Enhance debug print in page allocation failure
     - irqchip: Fix refcount leak in platform_irqchip_probe
     - [arm64] irqchip/irq-mvebu-gicp: Fix refcount leak in mvebu_gicp_probe
     - [s390x] mem_detect: fix detect_memory() error handling
     - [s390x] vmem: fix empty page tables cleanup under KASAN
     - [s390x] boot: cleanup decompressor header files
     - [s390x] mem_detect: rely on diag260() if sclp_early_get_memsize() fails
     - [s390x] boot: fix mem_detect extended area allocation
     - net: add sock_init_data_uid()
     - tun: tun_chr_open(): correctly initialize socket uid (CVE-2023-1076)
     - tap: tap_open(): correctly initialize socket uid (CVE-2023-1076)
     - OPP: fix error checking in opp_migrate_dentry()
     - Bluetooth: hci_conn: Refactor hci_bind_bis() since it always succeeds
     - Bluetooth: L2CAP: Fix potential user-after-free
     - Bluetooth: hci_qca: get wakeup status from serdev device handle
     - [s390x] vfio-ap: tighten the NIB validity check
     - [s390x] ap: fix status returned by ap_aqic()
     - [s390x] ap: fix status returned by ap_qact()
     - xen/grant-dma-iommu: Implement a dummy probe_device() callback
     - rds: rds_rm_zerocopy_callback() correct order for list_add_tail()
     - crypto: rsa-pkcs1pad - Use akcipher_request_complete
     - wifi: iwl3945: Add missing check for create_singlethread_workqueue
     - wifi: iwl4965: Add missing check for create_singlethread_workqueue()
     - wifi: mwifiex: fix loop iterator in mwifiex_update_ampdu_txwinsize()
     - ACPI: resource: Add IRQ overrides for MAINGEAR Vector Pro 2 models
     - ACPI: resource: Do IRQ override on all TongFang GMxRGxx
     - wifi: mac80211: move color collision detection report in a delayed work
     - wifi: mac80211: make rate u32 in sta_set_rate_info_rx()
     - wifi: mac80211: fix non-MLO station association
     - wifi: mac80211: Don't translate MLD addresses for multicast
     - wifi: mac80211: avoid u32_encode_bits() warning
     - wifi: mac80211: fix off-by-one link setting
     - [arm64] thermal/drivers/hisi: Drop second sensor hi3660
     - wifi: mac80211: pass 'sta' to ieee80211_rx_data_set_sta()
     - bpf: Zeroing allocated object from slab in bpf memory allocator
     - can: esd_usb: Move mislocated storage of SJA1000_ECC_SEG bits in case of 
       bus error
     - can: esd_usb: Make use of can_change_state() and relocate checking skb 
     - xsk: check IFF_UP earlier in Tx path
     - bpf: Fix global subprog context argument resolution logic
     - [arm64,armhf] irqchip/irq-brcmstb-l2: Set IRQ_LEVEL for level triggered
     - net/smc: fix potential panic dues to unprotected smc_llc_srv_add_link()
     - net/smc: fix application data exception
     - l2tp: Avoid possible recursive deadlock in l2tp_tunnel_register()
     - net: bcmgenet: fix MoCA LED control
     - net/mlx4_en: Introduce flexible array to silence overflow warning
     - drm: Fix potential null-ptr-deref due to drmm_mode_config_init()
     - drm/fourcc: Add missing big-endian XRGB1555 and RGB565 formats
     - [arm64,armhf] drm/vc4: dpi: Fix format mapping for RGB565
     - [armhf] gpu: ipu-v3: common: Add of_node_put() for reference returned by
     - [arm64,armhf] drm/vc4: drop all currently held locks if deadlock happens
     - hwmon: (ftsteutates) Fix scaling of measurements
     - [arm64] drm/msm/dpu: check for null return of devm_kzalloc() in
     - [arm64] drm/msm/hdmi: Add missing check for alloc_ordered_workqueue
     - [armhf] pinctrl: stm32: Fix refcount leak in stm32_pctrl_get_irq_domain
     - [arm64,armhf] pinctrl: rockchip: Fix refcount leak in
     - [arm64,armhf] drm/vc4: hvs: Set AXI panic modes
     - [arm64,armhf] drm/vc4: hvs: SCALER_DISPBKGND_AUTOHS is only valid on HVS4
     - [arm64,armhf] drm/vc4: hvs: Correct interrupt masking bit assignment for
     - [arm64,armhf] drm/vc4: hvs: Fix colour order for xRGB1555 on HVS5
     - [arm64,armhf] drm/vc4: hdmi: Correct interlaced timings again
     - [arm64] drm/msm: clean event_thread->worker in case of an error
     - [arm64,armhf] drm/panel-edp: fix name for IVO product id 854b
     - scsi: qla2xxx: Fix exchange oversubscription
     - scsi: qla2xxx: Fix exchange oversubscription for management commands
     - scsi: qla2xxx: edif: Fix clang warning
     - [arm64] ASoC: fsl_sai: initialize is_dsp_mode flag
     - [arm64] drm/msm/adreno: Fix null ptr access in adreno_gpu_cleanup()
     - ALSA: hda/ca0132: minor fix for allocation size
     - drm/amdgpu: Use the sched from entity for amdgpu_cs trace
     - [arm64] drm/msm/gem: Add check for kmalloc
     - [arm64] drm/msm/dpu: Disallow unallocated resources to be returned
     - drm/mipi-dsi: Fix byte order of 16-bit DCS set/get brightness
     - [armhf] drm: exynos: dsi: Fix MIPI_DSI*_NO_* mode flags
     - [arm64] drm/msm/dsi: Allow 2 CTRLs on v2.5.0
     - scsi: ufs: exynos: Fix DMA alignment for PAGE_SIZE != 4096
     - [arm64] drm/msm/dpu: sc7180: add missing WB2 clock control
     - [arm64] drm/msm: use strscpy instead of strncpy
     - [arm64] drm/msm/dpu: Add check for cstate
     - [arm64] drm/msm/dpu: Add check for pstates
     - [arm64] drm/msm/mdp5: Add check for kzalloc
     - [arm64,armhf] pinctrl: bcm2835: Remove of_node_put() in
     - [arm64,armhf] drm/tegra: firewall: Check for is_addr_reg existence in IMM
     - [arm64] drm/msm/dpu: set pdpu->is_rt_pipe early in
     - [x86] ASoC: soc-compress.c: fixup private_data on snd_soc_new_compress()
     - [arm64,armhf] gpio: vf610: connect GPIO label to dev name
     - [x86] ASoC: topology: Properly access value coming from topology file
     - dm: improve shrinker debug names
     - regmap: apply reg_base and reg_downshift for single register ops
     - [x86] hwmon: (asus-ec-sensors) add missing mutex path
     - ALSA: hda: Fix the control element identification for multiple codecs
     - drm/amdgpu: fix enum odm_combine_mode mismatch
     - scsi: mpt3sas: Fix a memory leak
     - scsi: aic94xx: Add missing check for dma_map_single()
     - HID: multitouch: Add quirks for flipped axes
     - HID: retain initial quirks set up when creating HID devices
     - drm/amd/display: don't call dc_interrupt_set() for disabled crtcs
     - HID: logitech-hidpp: Hard-code HID++ 1.0 fast scroll support
     - dm: remove flush_scheduled_work() during local_exit()
     - nfs4trace: fix state manager flag printing
     - NFS: fix disabling of swap
     - HID: bigben: use spinlock to protect concurrent accesses
     - HID: bigben_worker() remove unneeded check on report_field
     - HID: bigben: use spinlock to safely schedule workers (CVE-2023-25012)
     - hid: bigben_probe(): validate report count
     - ALSA: hda/hdmi: Register with vga_switcheroo on Dual GPU Macbooks
     - drm/shmem-helper: Fix locking for drm_gem_shmem_get_pages_sgt()
     - NFSD: enhance inter-server copy cleanup
     - NFSD: fix leaked reference count of nfsd4_ssc_umount_item
     - nfsd: fix race to check ls_layouts
     - nfsd: clean up potential nfsd_file refcount leaks in COPY codepath
     - NFSD: fix problems with cleanup on errors in nfsd4_copy
     - nfsd: fix courtesy client with deny mode handling in nfs4_upgrade_open
     - nfsd: don't fsync nfsd_files on last close
     - NFSD: copy the whole verifier in nfsd_copy_write_verifier
     - cifs: Fix lost destroy smbd connection when MR allocate failed
     - cifs: Fix warning and UAF when destroy the MR list
     - cifs: use tcon allocation functions even for dummy tcon
     - gfs2: jdata writepage fix
     - leds: led-core: Fix refcount leak in of_led_get()
     - [x86] leds: simatic-ipc-leds-gpio: Make sure we have the GPIO providing
     - [amd64] dmaengine: idxd: Set traffic class values in GRPCFG on DSA 2.0
     - [arm64] RDMA/hns: Fix refcount leak in hns_roce_mmap
     - iio: light: tsl2563: Do not hardcode interrupt trigger type
     - i2c: designware: fix i2c_dw_clk_rate() return size to be u32
     - soundwire: cadence: Don't overflow the command FIFOs
     - driver core: fix potential null-ptr-deref in device_add()
     - kobject: modify kobject_get_path() to take a const *
     - kobject: Fix slab-out-of-bounds in fill_kobj_path()
     - media: uvcvideo: Check for INACTIVE in uvc_ctrl_is_accessible()
     - media: uvcvideo: Implement mask for V4L2_CTRL_TYPE_MENU
     - media: uvcvideo: Refactor uvc_ctrl_mappings_uvcXX
     - media: uvcvideo: Refactor power_line_frequency_controls_limited
     - [arm64] coresight: etm4x: Fix accesses to TRCSEQRSTEVR and TRCSEQSTR
     - PCI/IOV: Enlarge virtfn sysfs name buffer
     - [arm64] tty: serial: fsl_lpuart: disable Rx/Tx DMA in lpuart32_shutdown()
     - [arm64] tty: serial: fsl_lpuart: clear LPUART Status Register in
     - [arm64,armhf] serial: tegra: Add missing clk_disable_unprepare() in
     - [x86] Revert "char: pcmcia: cm4000_cs: Replace mdelay with usleep_range 
     - applicom: Fix PCI device refcount leak in applicom_init()
     - [x86] VMCI: check context->notify_page after call to 
       to avoid GPF
     - [x86] misc/mei/hdcp: Use correct macros to initialize uuid_le
     - driver core: fix resource leak in device_add()
     - driver core: location: Free struct acpi_pld_info *pld before return false
     - drivers: base: transport_class: fix possible memory leak
     - drivers: base: transport_class: fix resource leak when
       transport_add_device() fails
     - firmware: dmi-sysfs: Fix null-ptr-deref in dmi_sysfs_register_handle
     - [arm64] tty: serial: fsl_lpuart: Fix the wrong RXWATER setting for rx dma
     - RDMA/cxgb4: add null-ptr-check after ip_dev_find()
     - usb: gadget: configfs: Restrict symlink creation is UDC already binded
     - PCI: mt7621: Delay phy ports initialization
     - [amd64] iommu/vt-d: Set No Execute Enable bit in PASID table entry
     - power: supply: remove faulty cooling logic
     - RDMA/cxgb4: Fix potential null-ptr-deref in pass_establish()
     - RDMA/irdma: Cap MSIX used to online CPUs + 1
     - [arm64] serial: fsl_lpuart: fix RS485 RTS polariy inverse issue
     - [arm64,armhf] tty: serial: imx: Handle RS485 DE signal active high
     - [arm64,armhf] tty: serial: imx: disable Ageing Timer interrupt request 
     - driver core: fw_devlink: Add DL_FLAG_CYCLE support to device links
     - driver core: fw_devlink: Don't purge child fwnode's consumer links
     - driver core: fw_devlink: Allow marking a fwnode link as being part of a
     - driver core: fw_devlink: Consolidate device link flag computation
     - driver core: fw_devlink: Improve check for fwnode with no device/driver
     - driver core: fw_devlink: Make cycle detection more robust
     - mtd: mtdpart: Don't create platform device that'll never probe
     - [arm64] usb: host: fsl-mph-dr-of: reuse device_set_of_node_from_dev
     - PCI: Fix dropping valid root bus resources with .end = zero
     - [arm64] phy: rockchip-typec: fix tcphy_get_mode error case
     - [arm64] PCI: qcom: Fix host-init error handling
     - iw_cxgb4: Fix potential NULL dereference in c4iw_fill_res_cm_id_entry()
     - iommu: Fix error unwind in iommu_group_alloc()
     - [amd64] iommu/amd: Do not identity map v2 capable device when snp is
     - [amd64] iommu/vt-d: Fix error handling in sva enable/disable paths
     - [amd64] iommu/vt-d: Allow to use flush-queue when first level is default
     - RDMA/rxe: cleanup some error handling in rxe_verbs.c
     - RDMA/rxe: Fix missing memory barriers in rxe_queue.h
     - [amd64] IB/hfi1: Fix math bugs in hfi1_can_pin_pages()
     - [amd64] IB/hfi1: Fix sdma.h tx->num_descs off-by-one errors
     - [armhf] media: platform: ti: Add missing check for devm_regulator_get
     - [armhf] media: imx: imx7-media-csi: fix missing clk_disable_unprepare() 
     - media: mc: Get media_device directly from pad
     - media: rc: Fix use-after-free bugs caused by ene_tx_irqsim()
     - media: usb: siano: Fix use after free bugs caused by do_submit_urb
     - media: saa7134: Use video_unregister_device for radio_dev
     - [arm64] rpmsg: glink: Avoid infinite loop on intent for missing channel
     - [arm64] rpmsg: glink: Release driver_override
     - [armhf] OMAP2+: omap4-common: Fix refcount leak bug
     - udf: Define EFSCORRUPTED error code
     - exit: Detect and fix irq disabled state in oops
     - fs: Use CHECK_DATA_CORRUPTION() when kernel bugs are detected
     - blk-iocost: fix divide by 0 error in calc_lcoefs()
     - blk-cgroup: dropping parent refcount after pd_free_fn() is done
     - blk-cgroup: synchronize pd_free_fn() from blkg_free_workfn() and
     - trace/blktrace: fix memory leak with using debugfs_lookup()
     - btrfs: scrub: improve tree block error reporting
     - cpuidle, intel_idle: Fix CPUIDLE_FLAG_INIT_XSTATE
     - [x86] fpu: Don't set TIF_NEED_FPU_LOAD for PF_IO_WORKER threads
     - cpuidle: drivers: firmware: psci: Dont instrument suspend code
     - cpuidle: lib/bug: Disable rcu_is_watching() during WARN/BUG
     - [x86] perf/x86/intel/uncore: Add Meteor Lake support
     - wifi: ath9k: Fix use-after-free in ath9k_hif_usb_disconnect()
     - wifi: ath11k: fix monitor mode bringup crash
     - wifi: brcmfmac: Fix potential stack-out-of-bounds in
     - rcu: Make RCU_LOCKDEP_WARN() avoid early lockdep checks
     - rcu: Suppress smp_processor_id() complaint in
     - srcu: Delegate work to the boot cpu if using SRCU_SIZE_SMALL
     - rcu-tasks: Make rude RCU-Tasks work well with CPU hotplug
     - rcu-tasks: Handle queue-shrink/callback-enqueue race condition
     - wifi: ath11k: debugfs: fix to work with multiple PCI devices
     - [x86] thermal: intel: Fix unsigned comparison with less than zero
     - timers: Prevent union confusion from unexpected restart_syscall()
     - [x86] bugs: Reset speculation control settings on init
     - wifi: brcmfmac: ensure CLM version is null-terminated to prevent
     - wifi: mt7601u: fix an integer underflow
     - inet: fix fast path in __inet_hash_connect()
     - ice: restrict PTP HW clock freq adjustments to 100, 000, 000 PPB
     - ice: add missing checks for PF vsi type
     - ACPI: Don't build ACPICA with '-Os'
     - bpf, docs: Fix modulo zero, division by zero, overflow, and underflow
     - [x86] thermal: intel: intel_pch: Add support for Wellsburg PCH
     - clocksource: Suspend the watchdog temporarily when high read latency
     - net: bcmgenet: Add a check for oversized packets
     - [s390x] mm,ptdump: avoid Kasan vs Memcpy Real markers swapping
     - netfilter: nf_tables: NULL pointer dereference in nf_tables_updobj()
     - can: isotp: check CAN address family in isotp_bind()
     - wifi: mt76: dma: free rx_head in mt76_dma_rx_cleanup
     - ACPI: video: Fix Lenovo Ideapad Z570 DMI match
     - net/mlx5: fw_tracer: Fix debug print
     - coda: Avoid partial allocation of sig_inputArgs
     - uaccess: Add minimum bounds check on kernel buffer size
     - [s390x] idle: mark arch_cpu_idle() noinstr
     - time/debug: Fix memory leak with using debugfs_lookup()
     - PM: domains: fix memory leak with using debugfs_lookup()
     - PM: EM: fix memory leak with using debugfs_lookup()
     - Bluetooth: Fix issue with Actions Semi ATS2851 based devices
     - Bluetooth: btusb: Add new PID/VID 0489:e0f2 for MT7921
     - Bluetooth: btusb: Add VID:PID 13d3:3529 for Realtek RTL8821CE
     - wifi: rtw89: debug: avoid invalid access on RTW89_DBG_SEL_MAC_30
     - hv_netvsc: Check status in SEND_RNDIS_PKT completion message
     - [s390x] kfence: fix page fault reporting
     - devlink: Fix TP_STRUCT_entry in trace of devlink health report
     - scm: add user copy checks to put_cmsg()
     - drm: panel-orientation-quirks: Add quirk for Lenovo Yoga Tab 3 X90F
     - drm: panel-orientation-quirks: Add quirk for DynaBook K50
     - drm/amd/display: Reduce expected sdp bandwidth for dcn321
     - drm/amd/display: Revert Reduce delay when sink device not able to ACK
       00340h write
     - drm/amd/display: Fix potential null-deref in dm_resume
     - [armhf] drm/omap: dsi: Fix excessive stack usage
     - HID: Add Mapping for System Microphone Mute
     - drm/amd/display: Defer DIG FIFO disable after VID stream enable
     - drm/radeon: free iio for atombios when driver shutdown
     - drm/amd: Avoid BUG() for case of SRIOV missing IP version
     - scsi: lpfc: Fix use-after-free KFENCE violation during sysfs firmware
     - Revert "fbcon: don't lose the console font across generic->chip driver
     - drm/amd: Avoid ASSERT for some message failures
     - drm: amd: display: Fix memory leakage
     - drm/amd/display: fix mapping to non-allocated address
     - HID: uclogic: Add frame type quirk
     - HID: uclogic: Add battery quirk
     - HID: uclogic: Add support for XP-PEN Deco Pro SW
     - HID: uclogic: Add support for XP-PEN Deco Pro MW
     - [arm64] drm/msm/dsi: Add missing check for alloc_ordered_workqueue
     - drm/amd/display: Set hvm_enabled flag for S/G mode
     - [arm64] drm/msm/dpu: Add DSC hardware blocks to register snapshot
     - [x86] ASoC: soc-compress: Reposition and add pcm_mutex
     - [armel,armhf] ASoC: kirkwood: Iterate over array indexes instead of using
       pointer math
     - [armhf] regulator: s5m8767: Bounds check id indexing into arrays
     - Revert "drm/amdgpu: TA unload messages are not actually sent to psp when
       amdgpu is uninstalled"
     - drm/amd/display: fix FCLK pstate change underflow
     - gfs2: Improve gfs2_make_fs_rw error handling
     - [x86] hwmon: (coretemp) Simplify platform device handling
     - hwmon: (nct6775) Directly call ASUS ACPI WMI method
     - hwmon: (nct6775) B650/B660/X670 ASUS boards support
     - drm/amd/display: Do not commit pipe when updating DRR
     - scsi: ufs: core: Fix device management cmd timeout flow
     - HID: logitech-hidpp: Don't restart communication if not necessary
     - drm/amd/display: Enable P-state validation checks for DCN314
     - drm: panel-orientation-quirks: Add quirk for Lenovo IdeaPad Duet 3 10IGL5
     - drm/amd/display: Disable HUBP/DPP PG on DCN314 for now
     - dm thin: add cond_resched() to various workqueue loops
     - dm cache: add cond_resched() to various workqueue loops
     - nfsd: zero out pointers after putting nfsd_files on COPY setup error
     - nfsd: don't hand out delegation on setuid files being opened for write
     - cifs: prevent data race in smb2_reconnect()
     - drm/shmem-helper: Revert accidental non-GPL export
     - driver core: fw_devlink: Avoid spurious error message
     - wifi: rtl8xxxu: fixing transmisison failure for rtl8192eu
     - scsi: mpt3sas: Remove usage of dma_get_required_mask() API
       (Closes: #1022126)
     - firmware: coreboot: framebuffer: Ignore reserved pixel color bits
     - block: don't allow multiple bios for IOCB_NOWAIT issue
     - block: clear bio->bi_bdev when putting a bio back in the cache
     - block: be a bit more careful in checking for NULL bdev while polling
     - [arm64] rtc: pm8xxx: fix set-alarm race
     - ipmi:ssif: resend_msg() cannot fail
     - ipmi_ssif: Rename idle state and check
     - io_uring: Replace 0-length array with flexible array
     - io_uring: use user visible tail in io_uring_poll()
     - io_uring: handle TIF_NOTIFY_RESUME when checking for task_work
     - io_uring: add a conditional reschedule to the IOPOLL cancelation loop
     - io_uring: add reschedule point to handle_tw_list()
     - io_uring/rsrc: disallow multi-source reg buffers
     - io_uring: remove MSG_NOSIGNAL from recvmsg
     - io_uring: fix fget leak when fs don't support nowait buffered read
     - [s390x] extmem: return correct segment type in __segment_load()
     - [s390x] discard .interp section
     - [s390x] kprobes: fix irq mask clobbering on kprobe reenter from
     - [s390x] kprobes: fix current_kprobe never cleared after kprobes reenter
     - [s390x] KVM: s390: disable migration mode when dirty tracking is disabled
     - cifs: Fix uninitialized memory read in smb3_qfs_tcon()
     - cifs: Fix uninitialized memory reads for oparms.mode
     - cifs: fix mount on old smb servers
     - cifs: introduce cifs_io_parms in smb2_async_writev()
     - cifs: split out smb3_use_rdma_offload() helper
     - cifs: don't try to use rdma offload on encrypted connections
     - cifs: Check the lease context if we actually got a lease
     - cifs: return a single-use cfid if we did not get a lease
     - scsi: mpi3mr: Remove unnecessary memcpy() to alltgt_info->dmi
     - btrfs: hold block group refcount during async discard
     - locking/rwsem: Prevent non-first waiter from spinning in down_write()
     - ksmbd: fix wrong data area length for smb2 lock request
     - ksmbd: do not allow the actual frame length to be smaller than the 
     - ksmbd: fix possible memory leak in smb2_lock()
     - io_uring: mark task TASK_RUNNING before handling resume/task work
     - hfs: fix missing hfs_bnode_get() in __hfs_bnode_create
     - fs: hfsplus: fix UAF issue in hfsplus_put_super
     - exfat: fix reporting fs error when reading dir beyond EOF
     - exfat: fix unexpected EOF while reading dir
     - exfat: redefine DIR_DELETED as the bad cluster number
     - exfat: fix inode->i_blocks for non-512 byte sector size device
     - fs: dlm: don't set stop rx flag after node reset
     - fs: dlm: move sending fin message into state change handling
     - fs: dlm: send FIN ack back in right cases
     - f2fs: fix information leak in f2fs_move_inline_dirents()
     - f2fs: retry to update the inode page given data corruption
     - f2fs: fix cgroup writeback accounting with fs-layer encryption
     - f2fs: fix kernel crash due to null io->bio
     - ocfs2: fix defrag path triggering jbd2 ASSERT
     - ocfs2: fix non-auto defrag path not working issue
     - udf: Truncate added extents on failed expansion
     - udf: Do not bother merging very long extents
     - udf: Do not update file length for failed writes to inline files
     - udf: Preserve link count of system files
     - udf: Detect system inodes linked into directory hierarchy
     - udf: Fix file corruption when appending just after end of preallocated
     - md: don't update recovery_cp when curr_resync is ACTIVE
     - KVM: Destroy target device if coalesced MMIO unregistration fails
     - [x86] KVM: VMX: Fix crash due to uninitialized current_vmcs
     - KVM: Register /dev/kvm as the _very_ last thing during initialization
     - [x86] KVM: x86: Purge "highest ISR" cache when updating APICv state
     - [x86] KVM: x86: Blindly get current x2APIC reg value on "nodecode write"
     - [x86] KVM: x86: Don't inhibit APICv/AVIC on xAPIC ID "change" if APIC is
     - [x86] KVM: x86: Don't inhibit APICv/AVIC if xAPIC ID mismatch is due to
       32-bit ID
     - [x86] KVM: SVM: Flush the "current" TLB when activating AVIC
     - [x86] KVM: SVM: Process ICR on AVIC IPI delivery failure due to invalid
     - [x86] KVM: SVM: Don't put/load AVIC when setting virtual APIC mode
     - [x86] KVM: x86: Inject #GP if WRMSR sets reserved bits in APIC Self-IPI
     - [x86] KVM: x86: Inject #GP on x2APIC WRMSR that sets reserved bits 63:32
     - [x86] KVM: SVM: Fix potential overflow in SEV's 
     - [x86] KVM: SVM: hyper-v: placate modpost section mismatch error
     - [x86] virt: Force GIF=1 prior to disabling SVM (for reboot flows)
     - [x86] crash: Disable virt in core NMI crash handler to avoid double
     - [x86] reboot: Disable virtualization in an emergency if SVM is supported
     - [x86] reboot: Disable SVM, not just VMX, when stopping CPUs
     - [x86] kprobes: Fix __recover_optprobed_insn check optimizing logic
     - [x86] kprobes: Fix arch_check_optimized_kprobe check within
       optimized_kprobe range
     - [x86] microcode/amd: Remove load_microcode_amd()'s bsp parameter
     - [x86] microcode/AMD: Add a @cpu parameter to the reloading functions
     - [x86] microcode/AMD: Fix mixed steppings support
     - [x86] speculation: Allow enabling STIBP with legacy IBRS
     - Documentation/hw-vuln: Document the interaction between IBRS and STIBP
     - [amd64] virt/sev-guest: Return -EIO if certificate buffer is not large
     - brd: mark as nowait compatible
     - brd: return 0/-error from brd_insert_page()
     - brd: check for REQ_NOWAIT and set correct page allocation mask
     - ima: fix error handling logic when file measurement failed
     - ima: Align ima_file_mmap() parameters with mmap_file LSM hook
     - irqdomain: Fix association race
     - irqdomain: Fix disassociation race
     - irqdomain: Look for existing mapping only once
     - irqdomain: Drop bogus fwspec-mapping error handling
     - irqdomain: Refactor __irq_domain_alloc_irqs()
     - irqdomain: Fix mapping-creation race
     - irqdomain: Fix domain registration race
     - [x86] crypto: qat - fix out-of-bounds read
     - ALSA: ice1712: Do not left ice->gpio_mutex locked in 
     - ALSA: hda/realtek: Add quirk for HP EliteDesk 800 G6 Tower PC
     - jbd2: fix data missing when reusing bh which is ready to be checkpointed
     - ext4: optimize ea_inode block expansion
     - ext4: refuse to create ea block when umounted
     - [amd64,arm64] cxl/pmem: Fix nvdimm registration races
     - mtd: spi-nor: sfdp: Fix index value for SCCR dwords
     - mtd: spi-nor: spansion: Consider reserved bits in CFR5 register
     - mtd: spi-nor: Fix shift-out-of-bounds in spi_nor_set_erase_type
     - dm: send just one event on resize, not two
     - dm: add cond_resched() to dm_wq_work()
     - dm: add cond_resched() to dm_wq_requeue_work()
     - wifi: rtw88: use RTW_FLAG_POWERON flag to prevent to power on/off twice
     - wifi: rtl8xxxu: Use a longer retry limit of 48
     - wifi: ath11k: allow system suspend to survive ath11k
     - wifi: cfg80211: Fix use after free for wext
     - wifi: cfg80211: Set SSID if it is not already set
     - cpuidle: add ARCH_SUSPEND_POSSIBLE dependencies
     - qede: fix interrupt coalescing configuration
     - [x86] thermal: intel: powerclamp: Fix cur_state for multi package system
     - dm flakey: fix logic when corrupting a bio
     - dm cache: free background tracker's queued work in btracker_destroy
     - dm flakey: don't corrupt the zero page
     - dm flakey: fix a bug with 32-bit highmem systems
     - hwmon: (nct6775) Fix incorrect parenthesization in 
     - [arm64] mm: hugetlb: Disable HUGETLB_PAGE_OPTIMIZE_VMEMMAP
     - fuse: add inode/permission checks to fileattr_get/fileattr_set
     - rbd: avoid use-after-free in do_rbd_add() when rbd_dev_create() fails
     - ceph: update the time stamps and try to drop the suid/sgid
     - regulator: core: Use ktime_get_boottime() to determine how long a
       regulator was off
     - panic: fix the panic_print NMI backtrace setting
     - mm/hwpoison: convert TTU_IGNORE_HWPOISON to TTU_HWPOISON
     - dax/kmem: Fix leak of memory-hotplug resources
     - mm: memcontrol: deprecate charge moving
     - mm/thp: check and bail out if page in deferred queue already
     - kprobes: Fix to handle forcibly unoptimized kprobes on freeing_list
     - memory tier: release the new_memtier in find_create_memory_tier()
     - ring-buffer: Handle race between rb_move_tail and rb_check_pages
     - tracing/eprobe: Fix to add filter on eprobe description in README file
     - [amd64] iommu/amd: Add a length limitation for the ivrs_acpihid
       command-line parameter
     - [amd64] iommu/amd: Improve page fault error reporting
     - scsi: aacraid: Allocate cmd_priv with scsicmd
     - scsi: qla2xxx: Fix link failure in NPIV environment
     - scsi: qla2xxx: Check if port is online before sending ELS
     - scsi: qla2xxx: Fix DMA-API call trace on NVMe LS requests
     - scsi: qla2xxx: Remove unintended flag clearing
     - scsi: qla2xxx: Fix erroneous link down
     - scsi: qla2xxx: Remove increment of interface err cnt
     - scsi: ses: Don't attach if enclosure has no components
     - scsi: ses: Fix slab-out-of-bounds in ses_enclosure_data_process()
     - scsi: ses: Fix possible addl_desc_ptr out-of-bounds accesses
     - scsi: ses: Fix possible desc_ptr out-of-bounds accesses
     - scsi: ses: Fix slab-out-of-bounds in ses_intf_remove()
     - [riscv64] RISC-V: add a spin_shadow_stack declaration
     - [riscv64] Avoid enabling interrupts in die()
     - [riscv64] mm: fix regression due to update_mmu_cache change
     - [riscv64] jump_label: Fixup unaligned arch_static_branch function
     - [riscv64] mm: Perform BPF exhandler fixup on page fault
     - [riscv64] ftrace: Remove wasted nops for !RISCV_ISA_C
     - [riscv64] ftrace: Reduce the detour code size to half
     - PCI/PM: Observe reset delay irrespective of bridge_d3
     - PCI: Unify delay handling for reset and resume
     - PCI: hotplug: Allow marking devices as disconnected during bind/unbind
     - PCI: Avoid FLR for AMD FCH AHCI adapters
     - PCI/DPC: Await readiness of secondary bus after reset
     - [amd64] iommu/vt-d: Avoid superfluous IOTLB tracking in lazy mode
     - [amd64] iommu/vt-d: Fix PASID directory pointer coherency
     - vfio/type1: exclude mdevs from VFIO_UPDATE_VADDR
     - vfio/type1: prevent underflow of locked_vm via exec()
     - vfio/type1: track locked_vm per dma
     - vfio/type1: restore locked_vm
     - drm/amd: Fix initialization for nbio 7.5.1
     - [x86] drm/i915/quirks: Add inverted backlight quirk for HP 14-r206nv
     - drm/radeon: Fix eDP for single-display iMac11,2
     - [x86] drm/i915: Don't use stolen memory for ring buffers with LLC
     - [x86] drm/i915: Don't use BAR mappings for ring buffers with LLC
     - drm/edid: fix AVI infoframe aspect ratio handling
     - drm/edid: fix parsing of 3D modes from HDMI VSDB
     - qede: avoid uninitialized entries in coal_entry array
     - brd: use radix_tree_maybe_preload instead of radix_tree_preload
     - sbitmap: Advance the queue index before waking up a queue
     - wait: Return number of exclusive waiters awaken
     - sbitmap: Try each queue to wake up at least one waiter
     - net: avoid double iput when sock_alloc_file fails (CVE-2023-1032)
     - Revert "blk-cgroup: synchronize pd_free_fn() from blkg_free_workfn() and
     - Revert "blk-cgroup: dropping parent refcount after pd_free_fn() is done"
     - net/sched: Retire tcindex classifier
     - fs/jfs: fix shift exponent db_agl2size negative
     - [arm64] driver: soc: xilinx: fix memory leak in
     - f2fs: don't rely on F2FS_MAP_* in f2fs_iomap_begin
     - f2fs: fix to avoid potential deadlock
     - objtool: Fix memory leak in create_static_call_sections()
     - [armhf] pwm: stm32-lp: fix the check on arr and cmp registers update
     - f2fs: introduce trace_f2fs_replace_atomic_write_block
     - f2fs: correct i_size change for atomic writes
     - f2fs: clear atomic_write_task in f2fs_abort_atomic_write()
     - fs: f2fs: initialize fsdata in pagecache_write()
     - f2fs: allow set compression option of files without blocks
     - f2fs: fix to abort atomic write only during do_exist()
     - ubi: ensure that VID header offset + VID header size <= alloc, size
     - ubifs: Fix memory leak in ubifs_sysfs_init()
     - ubifs: Rectify space budget for ubifs_symlink() if symlink is encrypted
     - ubifs: Rectify space budget for ubifs_xrename()
     - ubifs: Fix wrong dirty space budget for dirty inode
     - ubifs: do_rename: Fix wrong space budget when target inode's nlink > 1
     - ubifs: Reserve one leb for each journal head while doing budget
     - ubi: Fix use-after-free when volume resizing failed
     - ubi: Fix unreferenced object reported by kmemleak in ubi_resize_volume()
     - ubifs: Fix memory leak in alloc_wbufs()
     - ubi: Fix possible null-ptr-deref in ubi_free_volume()
     - ubifs: Re-statistic cleaned znode count if commit failed
     - ubifs: dirty_cow_znode: Fix memleak in error handling path
     - ubifs: ubifs_writepage: Mark page dirty after writing inode failed
     - ubifs: ubifs_releasepage: Remove ubifs_assert(0) to valid this process
     - ubi: Fix UAF wear-leveling entry in eraseblk_count_seq_show()
     - ubi: ubi_wl_put_peb: Fix infinite loop when wear-leveling work failed
     - f2fs: fix to avoid potential memory corruption in
     - ext4: use ext4_fc_tl_mem in fast-commit replay path
     - ext4: don't show commit interval if it is zero
     - netfilter: nf_tables: allow to fetch set elements when table has an owner
     - [x86] um: vdso: Add '%rcx' and '%r11' to the syscall clobber list
     - f2fs: synchronize atomic write aborts
     - watchdog: Fix kmemleak in watchdog_cdev_register
     - watchdog: pcwd_usb: Fix attempting to access uninitialized memory
     - [arm64] watchdog: sbsa_wdog: Make sure the timeout programming is within
       the limits
     - netfilter: ctnetlink: fix possible refcount leak in
     - netfilter: conntrack: fix rmmod double-free race
     - netfilter: ip6t_rpfilter: Fix regression with VRF interfaces
     - netfilter: ebtables: fix table blob use-after-free
     - netfilter: xt_length: use skb len to match in length_mt6
     - netfilter: ctnetlink: make event listener tracking global
     - netfilter: x_tables: fix percpu counter block leak on error path when
       creating new netns
     - ptp: vclock: use mutex to fix "sleep on atomic" bug
     - ipv6: Add lwtunnel encap size of all siblings in nexthop calculation
     - net: sunhme: Fix region request
     - sctp: add a refcnt in sctp_stream_priorities to avoid a nested loop
     - net: fix __dev_kfree_skb_any() vs drop monitor
     - 9p/xen: fix version parsing
     - 9p/xen: fix connection sequence
     - 9p/rdma: unmap receive dma buffer in rdma_request()/post_recv()
     - mlx5: fix skb leak while fifo resync and push
     - mlx5: fix possible ptp queue fifo use-after-free
     - net/mlx5: ECPF, wait for VF pages only after disabling host PFs
     - net/mlx5e: Verify flow_source cap before using it
     - net/mlx5: Geneve, Fix handling of Geneve object id as error code
     - ext4: fix incorrect options show of original mount_opt and extend
     - nfc: fix memory leak of se_io context in nfc_genl_se_io
     - net/sched: transition act_pedit to rcu and percpu stats
     - net/sched: act_pedit: fix action bind logic
     - net/sched: act_mpls: fix action bind logic
     - net/sched: act_sample: fix action bind logic
     - [arm64] net: dsa: felix: fix internal MDIO controller resource length
     - tcp: tcp_check_req() can be called from process context
     - vc_screen: modify vcs_size() handling in vcs_read()
     - [arm64,armhf] rtc: sun6i: Always export the internal oscillator
     - genirq/ipi: Fix NULL pointer deref in irq_data_get_affinity_mask()
     - scsi: ipr: Work around fortify-string warning
     - rtc: allow rtc_read_alarm without read_alarm callback
     - io_uring: fix size calculation when registering buf ring
     - loop: loop_set_status_from_info() check before assignment
     - nvme: bring back auto-removal of deleted namespaces during sequential 
     - nvme-tcp: don't access released socket during error recovery
     - tracing: Add NULL checks for buffer in ring_buffer_free_read_page()
     - kernel/printk/index.c: fix memory leak with using debugfs_lookup()
     - [x86] firmware/efi sysfb_efi: Add quirk for Lenovo IdeaPad Duet 3
     - bootconfig: Increase max nodes of bootconfig from 1024 to 8192 for DCC
     - [amd64] IB/hfi1: Update RMT size calculation
     - [amd64] iommu/amd: Fix error handling for pdev_pri_ats_enable()
     - PCI/ACPI: Account for _S0W of the target bridge in acpi_pci_bridge_d3()
     - media: uvcvideo: Remove format descriptions
     - media: uvcvideo: Handle cameras with invalid descriptors
     - media: uvcvideo: Handle errors from calls to usb_string
     - media: uvcvideo: Quirk for autosuspend in Logitech B910 and C910
     - media: uvcvideo: Silence memcpy() run-time false positive warnings
     - USB: fix memory leak with using debugfs_lookup()
     - cacheinfo: Fix shared_cpu_map to handle shared caches at different levels
     - tty: fix out-of-bounds access in tty_driver_lookup_tty()
     - [arm64] tty: serial: fsl_lpuart: disable the CTS when send break signal
     - [x86] mei: bus-fixup:upon error print return values of send and receive
     - iio: accel: mma9551_core: Prevent uninitialized variable in
     - iio: accel: mma9551_core: Prevent uninitialized variable in
     - media: uvcvideo: Add GUID for BGRA/X 8:8:8:8
     - soundwire: bus_type: Avoid lockdep assert in sdw_drv_probe()
     - [arm64,armhf] USB: dwc3: fix memory leak with using debugfs_lookup()
     - [arm64,armhf] USB: chipidea: fix memory leak with using debugfs_lookup()
     - [arm64,armhf] USB: ULPI: fix memory leak with using debugfs_lookup()
     - USB: uhci: fix memory leak with using debugfs_lookup()
     - USB: sl811: fix memory leak with using debugfs_lookup()
     - [mips64el,mipsel] USB: isp116x: fix memory leak with using
     - [arm64,armhf] usb: host: xhci: mvebu: Iterate over array indexes instead
       of using pointer math
     - USB: ene_usb6250: Allocate enough memory for full object
     - usb: uvc: Enumerate valid values for color matching
     - usb: gadget: uvc: Make bSourceID read/write
     - PCI: Align extra resources for hotplug bridges properly
     - PCI: Take other bus devices into account when distributing resources
     - PCI: Distribute available resources for root buses, too
     - [i386] tty: pcn_uart: fix memory leak with using debugfs_lookup()
     - [x86] misc: vmw_balloon: fix memory leak with using debugfs_lookup()
     - drivers: base: component: fix memory leak with using debugfs_lookup()
     - drivers: base: dd: fix memory leak with using debugfs_lookup()
     - PCI: Add ACS quirk for Wangxun NICs
     - PCI: pciehp: Add Qualcomm quirk for Command Completed erratum
     - [arm64] phy: rockchip-typec: Fix unsigned comparison with less than zero
     - RDMA/cma: Distinguish between sockaddr_in and sockaddr_in6 by size
     - iommu: Attach device group to old domain in error path
     - soundwire: cadence: Remove wasted space in response_buf
     - soundwire: cadence: Drain the RX FIFO after an IO timeout
     - net: tls: avoid hanging tasks on the tx_lock
     - [x86] resctl: fix scheduler confusion with 'current'
     - drm/display/dp_mst: Add drm_atomic_get_old_mst_topology_state()
     - drm/display/dp_mst: Fix down/up message handling after sink disconnect
     - drm/display/dp_mst: Fix down message handling after a packet reception
     - drm/display/dp_mst: Fix payload addition on a disconnected sink
     - [x86] drm/i915/dp_mst: Add the MST topology state for modesetted CRTCs
     - [x86] drm/i915: Fix system suspend without fbdev being initialized
     - media: uvcvideo: Fix race condition with usb_kill_urb
     - io_uring: fix two assignments in if conditions
     - io_uring/poll: allow some retries for poll triggering spuriously
     - [arm64] efi: Make efi_rt_lock a raw_spinlock
     - [arm64] mte: Fix/clarify the PG_mte_tagged semantics
     - usb: gadget: uvc: fix missing mutex_unlock() if kstrtou8() fails
     - tpm: disable hwrng for fTPM on some AMD designs
     - wifi: cfg80211: Partial revert "wifi: cfg80211: Fix use after free for
     - [x86] staging: rtl8192e: Remove function ..dm_check_ac_dc_power calling a
     - [x86] staging: rtl8192e: Remove call_usermodehelper starting
     - fs: prevent out-of-bounds array speculation when closing a file 
     - btrfs: fix unnecessary increment of read error stat on write error
     - btrfs: fix percent calculation for bg reclaim message
     - io_uring/uring_cmd: ensure that device supports IOPOLL
     - erofs: fix wrong kunmap when using LZMA on HIGHMEM platforms
     - fork: allow CLONE_NEWTIME in clone3 flags
     - [x86] CPU/AMD: Disable XSAVES on AMD family 0x17
     - drm/amdgpu: fix error checking in amdgpu_read_mm_registers for soc15
     - drm/amdgpu: fix error checking in amdgpu_read_mm_registers for soc21
     - drm/amdgpu: fix error checking in amdgpu_read_mm_registers for nv
     - drm/display: Don't block HDR_OUTPUT_METADATA on unknown EOTF
     - drm/connector: print max_requested_bpc in state debugfs
     - staging: rtl8723bs: Fix key-store index handling
     - staging: rtl8723bs: Pass correct parameters to cfg80211_get_bss()
     - ext4: fix cgroup writeback accounting with fs-layer encryption
     - ext4: fix RENAME_WHITEOUT handling for inline directories
     - ext4: fix another off-by-one fsmap error on 1k block filesystems
     - ext4: move where set the MAY_INLINE_DATA flag is set
     - ext4: fix WARNING in ext4_update_inline_data
     - ext4: zero i_disksize when initializing the bootloader inode
     - HID: core: Provide new max_buffer_size attribute to over-ride the default
     - HID: uhid: Over-ride the default maximum data buffer value with our own
     - nfc: change order inside nfc_se_io error path
     - [x86] KVM: VMX: Reset eVMCS controls in VP assist page during hardware
     - [x86] KVM: VMX: Don't bother disabling eVMCS static key on module exit
     - [x86] KVM: x86: Move guts of kvm_arch_init() to standalone helper
     - [x86] KVM: VMX: Do _all_ initialization before exposing /dev/kvm to
     - fs: dlm: fix log of lowcomms vs midcomms
     - fs: dlm: add midcomms init/start functions
     - fs: dlm: start midcomms before scand
     - fs: dlm: remove send repeat remove handling
     - fs: dlm: use packet in dlm_mhandle
     - fd: dlm: trace send/recv of dlm message and rcom
     - fs: dlm: fix use after free in midcomms commit
     - fs: dlm: use WARN_ON_ONCE() instead of WARN_ON()
     - fs: dlm: be sure to call dlm_send_queue_flush()
     - fs: dlm: fix race setting stop tx flag
     - udf: Fix off-by-one error when discarding preallocation
     - bus: mhi: ep: Change state_lock to mutex
     - ipmi:ssif: Remove rtc_us_timer
     - ipmi:ssif: Increase the message retry time
     - ipmi:ssif: Add a timer between request retries
     - [x86] drm/i915: Introduce intel_panel_init_alloc()
     - [x86] drm/i915: Do panel VBT init early if the VBT declares an explicit
       panel type
     - [x86] drm/i915: Populate encoder->devdata for DSI on icl+
     - block: Revert "block: Do not reread partition table on exclusively open
     - block: fix scan partition for exclusively open device again
     - scsi: core: Remove the /proc/scsi/${proc_name} directory earlier
     - ext4: Fix possible corruption when moving a directory
     - cifs: improve checking of DFS links over STATUS_OBJECT_NAME_INVALID
     - drm/nouveau/kms/nv50: fix nv50_wndw_new_ prototype
     - [arm64] drm/msm: Fix potential invalid ptr free
     - [arm64] drm/msm/a5xx: fix setting of the CP_PREEMPT_ENABLE_LOCAL register
     - [arm64] drm/msm/a5xx: fix highest bank bit for a530
     - [arm64] drm/msm/a5xx: fix the emptyness check in the preempt code
     - [arm64] drm/msm/a5xx: fix context faults during ring switch
     - tls: rx: fix return value for async crypto
     - [arm64] drm/msm/dpu: disable features unsupported by QCM2290
     - ila: do not generate empty messages in ila_xlat_nl_cmd_get_mapping()
     - netfilter: nft_last: copy content when cloning expression
     - netfilter: nft_quota: copy content when cloning expression
     - net: tls: fix possible race condition between do_tls_getsockopt_conf() 
       do_tls_setsockopt_conf() (CVE-2023-28466)
     - net: use indirect calls helpers for sk_exit_memory_pressure()
     - net: lan78xx: fix accessing the LAN7800's internal phy specific registers
       from the MAC driver
     - ice: copy last block omitted in ice_get_module_eeprom()
     - bpf, sockmap: Fix an infinite loop error when len is 0 in
     - [arm64] drm/msm/dpu: fix len of sc7180 ctl blocks
     - [arm64] drm/msm/dpu: drop DPU_DIM_LAYER from MIXER_MSM8998_MASK
     - [arm64] drm/msm/dpu: fix clocks settings for msm8998 SSPP blocks
     - [arm64] drm/msm/dpu: clear DSPP reservations in rm release
     - net: stmmac: add to set device wake up flag when stmmac init phy
     - net: phylib: get rid of unnecessary locking
     - bnxt_en: Avoid order-5 memory allocation for TPA data
     - netfilter: ctnetlink: revert to dumping mark regardless of event type
     - netfilter: tproxy: fix deadlock due to missing BH disable
     - btrfs: fix extent map logging bit not cleared for split maps after
       dropping range
     - btf: fix resolving BTF_KIND_VAR after ARRAY, STRUCT, UNION, PTR
     - net: phy: smsc: fix link up detection in forced irq mode
     - net: tls: fix device-offloaded sendpage straddling records
     - scsi: megaraid_sas: Update max supported LD IDs to 240
     - scsi: sd: Fix wrong zone_write_granularity value during revalidate
     - netfilter: conntrack: adopt safer max chain length
     - block: fix wrong mode for blkdev_put() from disk_scan_partitions()
     - NFSD: Protect against filesystem freezing
     - ice: Fix DSCP PFC TLV creation
     - net/smc: fix fallback failed while sendmsg with fastopen
     - SUNRPC: Fix a server shutdown leak
     - af_unix: fix struct pid leaks in OOB support
     - erofs: Revert "erofs: fix kvcalloc() misuse with __GFP_NOFAIL"
     - [riscv64] Use READ_ONCE_NOCHECK in imprecise unwinding stack mode
     - [riscv64] Don't check text_mutex during stop_machine
     - drm/amdgpu: fix return value check in kfd
     - ext4: Fix deadlock during directory rename
     - drm/amdgpu/soc21: don't expose AV1 if VCN0 is harvested
     - drm/amdgpu/soc21: Add video cap query support for VCN_4_0_4
     - [arm64] adreno: Shutdown the GPU properly
     - [arm64] drm/msm/adreno: fix runtime PM imbalance at unbind
     - watch_queue: fix IOC_WATCH_QUEUE_SET_SIZE alloc error paths
     - tpm/eventlog: Don't abort tpm_read_log on faulty ACPI address
     - [powerpc*] 64: Don't recurse irq replay
     - [powerpc*] iommu: fix memory leak with using debugfs_lookup()
     - [powerpc*] 64: Fix task_cpu in early boot when booting non-zero cpuid
     - [powerpc*] 64: Move paca allocation to early_setup()
     - PCI: Add SolidRun vendor ID
     - [arm64,armhf] media: rc: gpio-ir-recv: add remove function
     - drm/amd/display: Allow subvp on vactive pipes that are 2560x1440@60
     - drm/amd/display: adjust MALL size available for DCN32 and DCN321
     - filelocks: use mount idmapping for setlease permission check
     - Revert "bpf, test_run: fix &xdp_frame misplacement for LIVE_FRAMES"
   [ Diederik de Haas ]
   * [arm64,armhf,riscv64] drivers/ata: Enable AHCI_DWC as module
     (Closes: #1032362)
   * drivers/net/can/spi/mcp251xfd: Enable CAN_MCP251XFD as module
     (Closes: #1032582)
   [ Salvatore Bonaccorso ]
   * [x86] drivers/platform/x86: Enable THINKPAD_LMI as module (Closes: 
   * [rt] Refresh "printk: Bring back the RT bits." for context changes in 
   * Bump ABI to 7
   * net/sched: Drop setting of NET_CLS_TCINDEX (retired upstream)
   * net/kcm: Enable AF_KCM as module (Closes: #1023958)
   * [rt] Update to 6.1.19-rt8
   [ Cyril Brulebois ]
   * wifi: mt76: do not run mt76_unregister_device() on unregistered hw
     This prevents a kernel panic when unloading the module, which happens
     within the installer after firmware files have been deployed, at least
     with mt7921e (Closes: #1029116). Thanks to Helmut Grohne for the
     initial patch, which led upstream to propose this patch.
   * udeb: Add michael_mic to crypto-modules, for ath11k and others.
     Thanks to Nicolas Dandrimont for reporting and Benoît Chauvet for
     testing (See: #1032140).
   [ Héctor Orón Martínez ]
   * [powerpc/powerpc64,ppc64el] udeb: add DRM ast driver to fb-modules
     (Closes: #990016)
   [ Miguel Bernal Marin ]
   * Enable modules to be used by rasdaemon tool on Intel platforms
     (Closes: #1032467)
     - [amd64] drivers/edac: Enable EDAC_IGEN6 as module
     - [x86] drivers/acpi/apei: Enable ACPI_APEI_EINJ as module
   [ Alper Nebi Yasak ]
   * Enable important configs for ChromeOS boards:
     - [x86] Enable FB_SIMPLE as built-in
     - [x86,armhf,arm64] Change GOOGLE_FRAMEBUFFER_COREBOOT and
       GOOGLE_COREBOOT_TABLE to built-in (except cloud-*)
     - [x86,arm64] Enable CHROMEOS_ACPI as module
     - [x86,arm64] Enable TCG_TIS_SPI_CR50 as built-in
     - [x86,arm64] Enable TCG_TIS_I2C_CR50 as module
 03ac4f803b60f1265a0420692efb0d9b3ad1b44e 276923 linux_6.1.20-1.dsc
 d05d992a05dce527edc13066e5f5fd44865053bc 137291340 linux_6.1.20.orig.tar.xz
 3568bcf28f81253be32f52c8fc89e6ffc62926a3 1443728 linux_6.1.20-1.debian.tar.xz
 b574a58cea1c718251bf77ddfb5a28429b5c77de 6715 linux_6.1.20-1_source.buildinfo
 edc6a70de33480241e345bddf89b7e186e2edd7c29a7f9a143780ff5447f5e84 276923 
 18dca37b48f4643a62a8bd0adee0888d7b815f75229f90833992b28b6a651427 137291340 
 8b0cb71208c0a59a237c573739dc87db07399e9fd3eeefde0a9e4a8bee11e063 1443728 
 5424357b6e3d02d8793a4068682e6fd8c9aca7ed6b2141bb175dc71d3941dc03 6715 
 e3a41146925148ecaec2ef43a576fd3a 276923 kernel optional linux_6.1.20-1.dsc
 e3f424726cc6bb7171c02fceff9771e9 137291340 kernel optional 
 41de95cab2e8b736eb91a2051062033d 1443728 kernel optional 
 469f4bf459805dd2e7884684b4aa860f 6715 kernel optional 



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