Source: linux
Version: 6.5~rc6-1~exp1
Severity: wishlist
Tags: patch

Dear Maintainer,

Please enable the System Trace Module (STM) and the Intel Trace Hub Software
Trace Hub on arch amd64/x86_64, on Debian Trixie.


System Trace Module (STM) is a kind of trace source device [1], which can not
only collect trace data from software sources, but also monitor hardware

Any software program no matter where it is in kernel space or user space
can write STM device with message string (i.e. trace data), like using print

Each software or hardware trace source is assigned a unique pair of master
and channel, so that a decoder can know which source the trace data come
from by this.  As a kind of resource, the number of masters and channels
are limited, for example *Intel STH* has up to 65,536 masters
and up to 256 channels per master.

Unlike some traditional tracing approach which would lose all traces once system
crashed since the traces are stored in system memory, tracing with STM can
survive this kind of case because all traces collected via STM would end up in
sink device which can be still alive even the system is dead so long as the
hardware design allows it.There’s another benefit of using STM to collect
software traces or monitor hardware events.  Since everything is logged to the
same STM with timestamps, it is possible to correlate events happening in the
entire system rather than being confined to the logging facility of a single

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Miguel Bernal Marin

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