On Thu, 2024-01-11 at 10:25 +0100, Bastian Blank wrote:
> Linux 6.7 fails to build on at least i386 and armhf.  Even it now
> manages to make the compiler fail to allocate memory:
> > cc1: out of memory allocating 135266296 bytes after a total of 235675648 
> > bytes
> Right now both fail on the same driver, so a short team workaround would
> be to disable it.  But we need a long term fix, and quickly.

The long term fix would be fixing this driver so a single compilation unit 
take several gigabytes of RAM.

> As it is now, we will not be able to provide a kernel for maybe all
> 32bit architectures for Trixie.

I don't think that this would be a reasonable decision. We're preparing to 
32-bit architectures over to time64_t. Disabling 32-bit kernel builds would make
this whole work moot.

FWIW, both m68k and powerpc are not affected by this bug, the powerpc build 
because of a packaging problem.


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