On Tue, Nov 28, 2023 at 02:29:28PM +0100, Emanuele Rocca wrote:
> The file qcom/sc8280xp/LENOVO/21BX/audioreach-tplg.bin and its symlink
> qcom/sc8280xp/SC8280XP-LENOVO-X13S-tplg.bin are needed by the Lenovo
> Thinkpad X13s. Please consider adding them to firmware-qcom-soc.
> File: qcom/sc8280xp/LENOVO/21BX/audioreach-tplg.bin
> Link: qcom/sc8280xp/SC8280XP-LENOVO-X13S-tplg.bin -> 
> LENOVO/21BX/audioreach-tplg.bin

The following merge request implements the changes above:

FTR this issue is the last missing piece to get working audio on the Thinkpad
X13s. :-)

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