Package: linux-headers-6.6.9-amd64
Version: 6.6.9-1+b1

Package "linux-headers-6.6.9-amd64" on sid has the following dependencies:

> Depends: linux-headers-6.6.9-common (= 6.6.9-1), linux-image-6.6.9-amd64 (= 
> 6.6.9-1+b1) | linux-image-6.6.9-amd64-unsigned (= 6.6.9-1+b1), 
> linux-kbuild-6.6.9, gcc-13

However, the package "linux-image-6.6.9-amd64" has only version "6.6.9-1" 
available, not "6.6.9-1+b1":

> Package: linux-image-6.6.9-amd64
> Version: 6.6.9-1

This leads to the headers currently being uninstallable for 6.6.9 (signed). The 
headers can be installed together with the unsigned version, because that has 
the "b1" version available. The changelog for "linux-headers-6.6.9-amd64" does 
not list this "b1" version.

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