On Tuesday, 13 February 2024 17:59:55 CET Mario Limonciello wrote:
> > I think it's important to facilitate people having f.e. the following
> > combos: 
> > - Intel CPU with AMD GPU
> > - AMD CPU with Nvidia GPU
> > - AMD CPU with AMD GPU (discrete or integrated)
> > 
> > Preferably without having to install 100s of MB of firmware files of which
> > 95% the user doesn't actually need. (See f.e.
> > https://bugs.debian.org/1057786)
> You don't currently split up the AMD APU integrated graphics and dGPU,
> and I doing this is a bad idea as it's possible to reuse IP versions on
> APU and dGPU hardware.  If they are the same then they would use the
> same firmware binaries.

I have/had no plan to make a split for iGPU and dGPU, both would need to 
install the `firmware-amd-graphics` package.

For the 3 scenario's above:
- `intel-microcode` + `firmware-amd-graphics`
- `amd64-microcode` + `firmware-nvidia`*
- `amd64-microcode` + `firmware-amd-graphics`

AMD APU's would fall into scenario 3.

*) If my MR gets accepted, otherwise `firmware-misc-nonfree`

> For reference on the size:
> $ du -sh amdgpu
> 60M     amdgpu
> $ du -sh du -sh amdtee/
> 20K     amdtee/
> $ du -sh amd-ucode/
> 112K    amd-ucode/
> $ du -sh amd
> 268K    amd

What I want(ed) to prevent is that for scenario 2, the user should NOT have to 
install the `firmware-amd-graphics` package to get the amdtee firmware.

> These aren't yet upstream, but so you can see the size:
> $ du -sh amdnpu/
> 3.3M    amdnpu/

And that seems like a future candidate too for amd64-microcode package.

> I think your suggestion to combine all the non graphics related binaries
> to a single package and all graphics related binaries to another is fine.

Excellent, then I think we're all in agreement :)

I'll add the `amdtee` dir to `Files-Excluded` in firmware-nonfree and Henrique 
can add those files to the amd64-microcode package.


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