Bastian Blank <> (2024-01-07):
> With Linux 6.6 we dropped the Marvell specific kernel image, as it
> was not known to work on any of the available devices.  We still have
> another armel kernel left, the one of the Raspberry Pi 0 and 1, which
> uses an ARMv6 CPU.
> This also removed all the udebs from armel, which makes many d-i
> components not longer have fullfiled dependencies and the release stuff
> of course acting up.
> Do we have any armel subarch that can be installed via d-i?

Unless we get something to support in d-i, I'm wondering how to proceed
with dropping support for armel. Unsupported things tend to move to
ports while still being supported by porters, so we don't have much to
do there besides go with the flow. That'd be the first time (that I can
think of) that we have an FTBFS-ing d-i for an architecture that's in

Maybe have it marked Not-For-Us on armel, also requesting the binary to
be dropped there? And maybe poke the ftp team to have installer-armel/
cleaned up? (The “disabling daily builds” part being trivial.)

I see no time pressure here, we have a big transition going on, so it
doesn't seem particularly fitting to try and get a d-i release out any
day soon.

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