Hi folks

The kernel team made it possible for a long time to build the udebs from
the binary linux images. This was done be providing the possibility to
go back to every released revision with the linux-patch-debian package.
Because this needs a lot of time to get it correctly I intend to drop
this as requirement. This will destroy the possibility to use linux-2.6
as legal source for the udebs for more than the exact version.

There are at least three possibilities to handle that.

No change.
Pros: None.
Cons: No source for the udebs during development. Release versions needs to be
rebuilt anyway.

Rebuild for every release.
Pros: None.
Cons for the d-i team: This needs a lot of time with the current setup.

Build the udebs from the linux-2.6/linux-modules-extra-2.6 sources.
- Only one step.
- Problems in the module selection can be found during the kernel development
  cycle. This includes added modules.
Cons for the kernel team:
- Another list to handle and which will kill the build if someone got
  it wrong.
- The additional configs for the build can't be checked without a real
Cons for the d-i team:
- They have to trust another instance to don't get it completely
- Changes in the module selection may need a full rebuild.
- Out-of-dateness of modules and buildsystem during the introdution of a
  new abiname.


Our way is peace.
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                   stardate 4040.7.

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