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> diff -rNc initramfs-tools.orig/mkinitramfs initramfs-tools/mkinitramfs

thanks haven't read it yet, but *please* send that it in with unified
format unified diffs are so much easier to read:

u .. unified
p .. function context

aka output
diff -pruN initramfs-tools.org/ initramfs-tools

if you want do yourself a favour of course you can clone the git repo
and use git for it aka:
(as root apt-get install git-core gitk git-email git-gui)
git clone git://git.debian.org/git/kernel/initramfs-tools.git
# add a new local branch
git checkout -b ssh
# see the diff
git diff
# hack + test + commit
git commit -a
# get the patches in mail format
git format-patch -M master
# send them over
git send-email --to [EMAIL PROTECTED] --cc [EMAIL PROTECTED] 

i must say i'm not a big fan of shipping ssh in initramfs
enabled by default needed fixes in networking and such are of
course taken.


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