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> [...]
>> git send-email --to [EMAIL PROTECTED] --cc [EMAIL PROTECTED] 
>> 0001-ssh-subject.patch
> ok thanks for directions

np, cool you picked it up so nicely :)

>> i must say i'm not a big fan of shipping ssh in initramfs
>> enabled by default needed fixes in networking and such are of
>> course taken.
> the hook script in the dropbear patch will only add dropbear to the  
> initramfs if it's explicitly enabled (which it isn't by default), or a  
> cryptroot is detected (and dropbear isn't explicitly disabled).
> adding to the initramfs is certainly generally to be avoided, but not  
> being able to bring a machine up again from remote is quite some  
> motivation, i guess ;) plus it turns out the increase in size and  
> complexity is a lot less than (at least i) expected.
>       Chris



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