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> the plan as decided in Portland was to go forward with openvz
> if upstream provides us with a patch in time. as currently this
> looks quite bad (latest available patch is for 2.6.27, there is
> no sign of a patch for 2.6.32, nor any schedule like it happened
> to be for Lenny).
I expect that it will be released after the first beta of RHEL 6.

> On the negative side it doesn't have yet checkpointing support
> and not all net/ has netns support yet.
It's not just that, AFAIK there is no match for many of the
user_beancounters features (especially the accounting part) and e.g.
lack of the equivalent of "vzctl enter" is a critical issue for my
While I am happy to see better support for lxc in Debian, it does not
look like an openvz replacement yet.


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