Bastian> Please describe the _kernel_ improvements over the normal
 Bastian> images. Most of it is already enabled in the default images
 Bastian> and does not warrant for an extra image.

As you can see from , line 29,
Cgroup memory controller is not. This setting is mandatory if you want
to control the available memory per containers and the like. IMO most
folks would want that, if just to make sure their local sandbox does not
go wild for some reason, thus eating up all memory.

 Bastian> Lxc is the userspace part.

You are right but then I think maximilian certainly referred to the
kernelspace part of LXC here. At least that is my reading ... context
matters :)

 Bastian> The description reads like it is possible to enable/disable
 Bastian> the overhead on boot time. Please elaborate.

Nope, it has to be enabled at build-time.

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