In linux.debian.kernel Suno Ano <> wrote:

> - most folks run Linux-VServer, OpenVZ, LXC etc. on boxes they own plus
>   they control themselves so that is not really an issue
I wonder how you came to this conclusion.

> - those environments in need for limits/beancounters (disk quota etc.)
>   may probably have to wait another six months or so until it will be
>   available in LXC. Till then it is quite possible to run on 2.6.26
>   with OpenVZ and then migrate things to LXC. We have excellent
So it will not actually be available in squeeze, and squeeze cannot work
with the lenny kernels unless they are rebuilt with
You could as well have said proposed to wait and use the RHEL6 kernels.

> Marco> Lack of the equivalent of "vzctl enter" is a critical issue for
> Marco> my applications.
>I do not remember the exact command now but from what I remember
>hearing/reading last week, that feature will be available shortly.
I remember hearing last week that there is no simple way to move a
running process to a different cgroup, so it will be very hard to
implement this.


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