In linux.debian.kernel Suno Ano <> wrote:

> Marco> So it will not actually be available in squeeze, and squeeze
> Marco> cannot work with the lenny kernels unless they are rebuilt with
> Marco> CONFIG_SYSFS_DEPRECATED=n. You could as well have said proposed
> Marco> to wait and use the RHEL6 kernels.
>I did not propose anything. I just pointed out one possible migration
>path from OpenVZ to LXC. I have a few servers running testing with
>2.6.26. One could wait (read "not upgrade") till LXC provides for
>beancounters etc. and then migrate to squeeze and thus LXC.
Unlike Red Hat, Debian does not backport features so you can only count
on what is in 2.6.32 now.
You obviously have not upgraded testing recently, because the version of
udev currently in testing cannot work with the standard lenny kernel.


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