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> Again another thought:
> When we talk about an "installation disk": 
> Is it clear enough, that we mean the disk where we install *from* ?
> This could likely be mixed up with the disk where we install *to* , right?

I think this is a standard computing term and should not be confusing
for native English speakers.  There may be some risk of confusion for
non-native speakers.

> Think about these strings:
>  #. Type: text
>  #. Description
>  #. :sl1:
>  #: ../cdrom-detect.templates:2001
> -msgid "Detecting hardware to find CD-ROM drives"
> +msgid "Detecting hardware to find installation drives"
>  msgstr ""
>  #. Type: error
>  #. Description
>  #. :sl2:
>  #: ../cdrom-detect.templates:14001
> -msgid "The CD-ROM drive contains a CD which cannot be used for installation."
> +msgid "The detected installation drive cannot be used for installation."
>  msgstr ""

I don't know exactly what cdrom-detect does, but it may still be
specific to optical drives.  In that case you could use more specific
terms here, e.g. "The optical disc drive contains a disc which cannot
be used for installation."

Otherwise a suitable new text could be something like "The detected
drive does not contain a usable installation disk".


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