Thorsten Glaser <> writes:

> Hi Ben,
> >Debian doesn't consist of licenses; it consists of software works
> >under specific grants of license.
> Last time I looked, there was no difference in practice except
> for the GFDL. So, DWIM ;-)

That's not the case. Without knowing the grant of license, one doesn't
know whether the copyright holder permits, for example, redistribution
under the GPL version 2 only, or version 3 only, or the GPL version 3 or
any later version, or the recipient's choice of GPL version 3 or
CC-By-SA 4.0, etc.

So it's essential to know what is the specific *grant of license* from
the copyright holder to recipients of the work.

> >Are you proposing a Debian package of the MusicXML standard? Or some
> >other work?
> I was wondering what to do if there was a piece of software
> containing the MusicXML specification or DTDs as part of itself.

Do you know of such a work, proposed for inclusion in Debian?

If not, I think we shouldn't spend much time on speculation :-)

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