I have just given Paul Wise and Chris Lamby commit access to lintian.

 * Paul has shown an interest in providing us with a steady update of
   spelling corrections.

 * Chris Lamby has been submitting some quite excellent changes to
   various checks

Beyond that, they are both top-5 authors since the 2.5.40 release (Dec
27th 2015).

Recommended and documented practise:

 * The recommended style for git commit messages is explained in

   (Exclusive summary: "git log --pretty=oneline" / "git lg" should be

 * Code style is largely dictated by perltidy.
   - When perltidy fails miserably, feel free to apply a "no-tidy" rule
     for that code section.

 * Please keep the "master" branch in a releasable state.

 * If you want to do a release of lintian, please read

(All of the above ought to be documented somewhere - I think I will do
that now).

If you have any questions, please let me know! :)


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