I have gone through the member list on and removed members that were
inactive according to Debian's MIA database.

Kindly review and act on the following:

 * If you consider yourself retired from lintian, please let me know and
   I will clean up your access.
 * If you have admin access or lintian-gid, please assert you are still
   around and know how to use it if needed be.

    => If you have "admin" or "lintian-gid" and I do not hear from you
    => before 2017-09-01, I will assume you are not around to use it.

Re: admin/lintian-gid: I am interested in having redundancy here so we
are at least a few members that can do the tasks related to these
  However, this only works if the people with said access are 1) still
around to use it and 2) still knows how/when to use it.  Accordingly,
this mail doubles as a check to see if we have a hidden bus-factor of 1
on these things.

Audit results so far
These are the results for checking all the members in alioth against the
MIA database.

The following were listed as retired or MIA and is therefore removed:

 * jeroen (lintian-gid)
 * he (lintian-gid)
 * edward
 * jorda-guest

This leaves the following (presumed) active members for now:

 * joy (lintian-gid)
 * djpig (lintian-gid)
 * broucaries-guest
 * abe
 * sylvestre
 * jwilk
 * pabs
 * lamby
 * cjwatson (admin, lintian-gid)
 * rra (admin, lintian-gid)
 * adsb (admin, lintian-gid)
 * geissert (admin)
 * nthykier (admin, lintian-gid)

 * "admin" has administrator access to the lintian project in alioth
 * "lintian-gid" has the lintian group on lindsay.d.o, which gives write
   access/admin over the archive-wide reporting.

From here
As we have retired members with lintian-gid, I will send a request to
DSA to remove the gid from these members.  Once people has had time to
respond to this and we have evaluated if the bus factor is adequate, I
will open an RT ticket to get the lintian-gid updated.


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