Hi Chris,

>I think you're right. Here's one patch - can you quickly test it works
>for you?

sorry, I don’t even have a testcase. I only noticed it during
looking at the source, trying to figure out whether a symlink
in the new position was good enough.

>  +        last if $file;

But this is probably it, yes.

>… but, just for giggles, here's another silly one:

That looks also good ;-)

>Compat level 5 (!).

Well, 5 was the standard/minimum for a long time,
and I don’t use the newer features anyway (not those
visible to the user; those in the background, such
as using gzip’s -n option, are, of course, used),
so I’d just use compat 5 and get whatever version
the target distro had with whatever of its fixes.

>(What's wrong with the  debhelper versions in
>backports, out of interest?)

I try to keep backports dependencies out if possible.

I also maintain, in my own (public) repo and in the
private one of my employer, backports much far back
than oldoldstable, for those who are still running
such systems or chroots someplace. This started out
with back to etch (but, back then, lenny was stable,
so it was not that much of a, well, stretch (no pun
intended)), but eventually we discovered a sarge sy‐
stem somewhere at the workplace, so I targetted that
with a handful of packages until we could upgrade it
(it’s long gone, thankfully, but it’s no effort to
keep what I already *have* working in the old versions,
working in those; though I don’t create new backports
to such old versions). It’s also a portability exercise…

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