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Dear Michael,

> Please review and merge the attached patch. Thanks!

Thank you so much for your patch. Can you fix up the following small
things?  Naturally, please re-add the "patch" tag when ready :)

+Tag: golang-missing-built-using
+Tag: golang-built-using-on-arch-all

These seem quite "clumsy" wordings and difficult to understand when
out of context - can you try expanding them a little?

In addition, please make it very explicit about what them maintainer
should do if they see this message. For example, something phrased
along the lines of "please add..."

+Info: This package builds a binary package which is not including
                                                  does not include

+ ${misc:Built-Using} in its Built-Using control field.
  ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^        ^^^^^^^^^^^
   <tt> … </tt>              <tt> … </tt> 

+            if ($arch eq 'all
+            if ($arch ne 'all'

Is there a cleaner way of structuring these?

+++ a/t/tests/binaries-golang-built-using/desc
This probably should be prefixed with "control-file-" as that's the
name of checks/foo.pm.

Are we missing a Test-Depends in the "desc" file too? :)

Thanks again!


     : :'  :     Chris Lamb
     `. `'`      la...@debian.org / chris-lamb.co.uk

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