I did a few tests !

On 03/02/2018 09:20 PM, Chris Lamb wrote:
> Hi Arnaud,
>> The statically-linked-binary warninf shouldn't be there, as the field
>> Build-Depends contains:
>>     golang-go (>= 2:1.9~) | golang-1.9-go
> The Lintian code in question is:
>         $built_with_golang
>           = $src->info->relation('build-depends')
>           ->implies('golang-go | golang-any');
> Not sure whether it's the >= version of the "golang-go" part or
> the "golang-1.9-go" part in itself is causing it not to match..

These lines do not raise a warning

  golang-any (>= 2:1.9~)
  golang-go (>= 2:1.9~)

However this one raise a warning

  golang-any | golang-1.9-go

And this last one, more interesting, fails the build:


Actually, only 'golang-go' installs the binary '/usr/bin/go' (which is
just a symlink). Installing only 'golang-1.x-go'  is not enough, so let
me just clarify that with the go packaging team, and fix the control
file to start with.



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