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  <lamby> Can we not blacklist gcc-8-cross-ports fornow re. #890873?  Whilst
  ugly, I think it would be better for lintian reports to be more up-to-date.
  <nthykier> we could try my patch after getting DSA to install the new
  <nthykier> that is what I would recommend; but I am not working on lintian
  atm., so I am happy to leave the decision to you
  <lamby> Cool. Well, unfortunately your unpacker-io-async branch is outside of
  my Perl competency to review alas. So I would not have any idea how to fix it
  if it broke :)
  <lamby> Not /quite/ sure how I'd even blacklist, mind you. The test harness 
  always kinda worked before :)
  <nthykier> blacklist?
  <lamby> As in, keep HEAD as it is, simply skip gcc-8-cross-ports so at least 
  are processing the rest of the archive.
  <nthykier> ah, blacklist in the harness. We never had a need for that so the
  code does not exist but it is probably doable to implement
  <nthykier> Basically, if find_backlog (L::Util) does not return the package, 
  will never be processed
  <nthykier> so we need some control for blacklisting packages (e.g. the config
  file) and propogate it to find_backlog.  This could be sync-state that sets a
  "blacklisted: true" flag and find_backlog that looks for it
  <nthykier> and then, we probably want to show which packages have been
  blacklisted in the generated reports (but that is an independent step)
  <lamby> At this point I think even a hacky list of exceptions in the code 
  be preferable to being so behind. :(  (unsure how the config file foo works,
  <nthykier> The config is just a YAML file - in perl we work with it as a
  hashref at the root level and then whatever structure we expect beneath that
  <lamby> /srv/lintian.debian.org/config.yaml ?
  <nthykier> yes. so something like: for my $dist
  (@{$CONFIG->{'archives'}{'debian-debug'}{'distributions'}}) { ... }"
  <nthykier> http://paste.debian.net/1019095/  From $GIT/reporting/config.yaml
  (which is an example)
  <nthykier> I think /srv/lintian.debian.org/config.yaml also have debian-debug
  (that is how we find the -dbgsym packages


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