Hi Neil,

Apologies, but I am now more confused than ever. When I look at your
link, ie.


I see:

  libjs-jquery-ui, python3:any,

whilst you quoted in your previous mail:

  libjs-jquery-ui, python3 | python3-all | python3-dev | python3-all-dev

I also remain confused why we are using python3 here as the .deb I downloaded
had a Python 2.x shebang.

> Maybe this is a bug in dpkg:
> Lintian needs to check for this behaviour of dpkg-gencontrol and skip
> the python-script-but-no-python-dep check if there are no scripts in
> usr/bin or usr/sbin in the binary package. dpkg seems to not care
> about /usr/share.

I am not sure what behaviour of dpkg you believe this is triggering
and/or what is so special about /usr/share.

Perhaps you are not calling dh-python entirely correctly? I am unsure
and I would would have to leave it with you to debug.

I still don't see (or, more likely, comprehend) any bug in Lintian
here, sorry — the generated .debs I have seen appear to be triggering
this correctly.


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