tags 895674 + moreinfo

Hi Jeremy,

First, thanks for filing this; so much easier to work with these
various arch/any tags in email in my experience...

> C: gnome-shell source: maybe-not-arch-all-binnmuable gnome-shell ->
>                        gnome-shell-common

Next, have you noticed that that this is a C-level classification
tag, not even a pedantic warning? :)

Anyway, if you look at:


… in particular:

 At this time, please do <i>not</i> attempt to "fix" the problem.  It
 is not clear what the solution is (if any at all).  Nor is it clear
 that this is something that will be supported.

So, alas, changes may even be incorrect (!). I am unsure, hence
tagging as moreinfo for the time being.

(As an aside, how come you show classification checks? Surely they
are far too noisy/useless..? I also wonder if this should be an
X "experimental" tag instead as that would have been less strange.)


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