On 20/10/14 04:14 AM, adrian15 wrote:
> El 23/08/14 18:23, Daniel Baumann escribió:
>> On 08/23/2014 06:20 PM, adrian15 wrote:
>>> Ok, I'll try to do my best. I have been impressed because there are way
>>> many more rescue packages on these two lists than what I had thought of
>>> originally.
>> that would be great, thank you very much.
> The article is still in a draft and I have not been able to work much
> on it.
> What I mean is that I'm going to end the article one day or another.
> Not as soon as I thought though.

Soon? :)

> So if you are one of these people that do not want a Rescue disk to be
> taken out of Debian Live official flavours (and given that Jessie
> freeze will soon happen) you should probably work on:
> - Issuing a tasksel bug that includes current packages found at latest
> Debian Live Rescue disk. Probably the ones found at:
> http://live.debian.net/gitweb/?p=live-images.git;a=tree;f=images/rescue/config/package-lists;hb=HEAD
> (debian-forensincs and rescue)
> as Daniel originally suggested at:
> https://www.mail-archive.com/debian-live@lists.debian.org/msg13525.html

Well, Jessie has released and nobody has done this, so if there is any
interest still in reviving rescue as an official Debian live flavour,
someone (not me, and not adrian15 -- see below) is going to have to file
the tasksel bug with at least the package list that was removed as a
starting point. I'm concerned that we had users saying they didn't want
Rescue to go away, and yet a year later there is no visible progress by
those who asked for it.

> P.S.: I don't care about Debian Live Rescue not being available in
> Jessie myself because I prefer to rethink its packages wisely but I
> don't want to be blamed on it not being available.

Likewise. I'm not leading the charge on this. We're into a new release
cycle now, and if anyone wants to see these images come back for
Stretch, now is a good time to get started.


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