I just came across the Blogmarks.net piece, "Public marks with tag rsi." Nice 
job!  As a heads up, you linked to the article "Troubles musculo-squelettiques 
(Repetitive Strain Injury)" on Climbtothestars.org which is not WC3 accessible 
for people with serious physical disabilities. Websites like 
Climbtothestars.org can't be accessibility compliant without sacrificing 
design, interactivity and general user experience for visitors without 

Accessibility website development and design is my specialty. 12.6% of 
Americans have a serious disability: We need accessible website resources on 
key disability-related topics. 
I created a new website, Dopa, all about handwriting in an age of machines. My 
comprehensive article about repetitive strain injury has the needed 
accessibility html/code and design elements.

Would you mention the piece on the Blogmarks.net page as a resource for those 
that rely on web accessibility? The URL is: 

Best wishes,
Tina Richardson


Accessible Web | Dopa

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