last time I checked, the root password on live images is disabled. To run commands as root, use "sudo". You can get an interactive root shell with "sudo -i". The default live username is "user" with password "live" if you are prompted. Once you have root access, you can use "passwd" to set a root password.

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On 20/02/18 09:17, Jesús San josé wrote:

My name is Jesus, i have recently installed debian live in a USB because My
computer can't handdle another operating system.

My problem is that i can't get acces to the root mode, because it asks me
for a password.

I have tried live, admin, root, toor, user but still can't get acces to
this mode.

Could you help me??

Thank you.
Greetings from Spain.

Ben Caradoc-Davies <>
Transient Software Limited <>
New Zealand

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