Good afternoon.

My name is Guillermo Sosa and I write for the first time.

I am creating a livecd own debian stretch, at this time I write from my
custom system.
The installation is fast and good, but I have two drawbacks.

1) I can not enter live mode, since the lightdm screen asks for user and
password. None of them was established while the system was being built in
chroot mode. The only thing I could detect is what happens after the
installation and configuration of keyboard-configuration, which since a few
days ago is installed as a "dependency" of packages such as lightdm, x
servers (all) plus cinnamon.
I could not find a solution to this.

2) If I edit the file "/ etc / os-release" or "/ usr / lib / os-release"
with a fancy name to the system, the grub menu lists it as "Debian GNU /
Linux". What other file should be modified? or this is pre-determined at

If someone can help I would appreciate it infinitely.
Any data that you need to know just ask for it.

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