Re: Brian May 2018-03-07 <>
> > jessie's postgresql-9.1 package is shipping a single binary package
> > only, postgresql-plperl-9.1. (Check the jessie release notes for the
> > rationale.) plperl is not affected by the changes as far as I can tell
> > by inspecting src/pl/plperl's git log.
> Ok, I understand now. So this doesn't apply to wheezy, only Jessie.

We've done that keep-plperl-around-for-upgrades dance a few times in
the past, but dropped it for stretch, as the extra effort didn't seem
worth it, given upgrading works even if oldpg-plperl.deb is

> > I don't plan to work on a 9.1 LTS release; the changed were deemed
> > below the radar by the Debian Security team, and wheezy's EOL is just
> > around the corner.
> Yes, as the other versions were marked no-dsa, might be best just to
> mark it as no-dsa for wheezy too.
> Any objections if do this?

Please go ahead.


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