* Chris Lamb <la...@debian.org> [2018-02-22 23:08:38 CET]:
> I've gone ahead and uploaded 0.8.15-5+deb7u5 and announced DLA 1289-1.
> > It still would be nice to get some git patchsets for your uploads so I
> > can apply them to the repository
> Of course! Attached, including the "missing" changes for 0.8.15-5+deb7u2,
> 0.8.15-5+deb7u3 & 0.8.15-5+deb7u4. They should apply cleanly to the 'wheezy'
> branch of git://git.deb.at/pkg/irssi.git.

 Thanks.  Are there any plans to work on the oldstable and stable update
too, or is the LTS approach really just to prioritize oldoldstable
higher than stable or oldstable?

 I'm just asking (again) because I was contacted by a user who was as
puzzled that these things get fixed in oldoldstable but not in oldstable
or stable.  Mostly in this case because the security team considers them
low/no priority.  Which leads to the question:

 I've got a response by Ingo telling me that the LTS team is
underfunded.  For the sake of that, wouldn't it be wise to apply similar
judgment as the security team towards the importance of updates then,
and concentrate on those instead of things that aren't fixed for stable
or oldstable?  Given that users now contact me, the impression that
through the LTS financing we get more things fixed in oldoldstable than
we get fixed in stable really leaves a bad impression on people.

 And let me point out again, because it seems that any critic seems to
be taken as saying the whole effort is a mistake, read: it isn't, it's
great that it exists.  But the priorities of the project for fixing
things should stay top-down, not top and bottom and neglect the releases
in between.  That feels just fishy wrong and gives users the impression
that those people working on these things simply don't care (which is
far from the truth).

 So, for my own packages: You are free to LTS upload them anytime you
want to, but ONLY if you are also willing to check that the things get
fixed in our main supported releases, too.  No, that doesn't mean you
have to personally do it yourself, but you should only upload to the LTS
release if there is a plan for having it done for the main supported
releases, mainly stable and oldstable, too.  That definitely shouldn't
be asked for too much.

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